6 Tips for a sucessful road trip

6 Tips for a sucessful road trip

With our recent road trip to Kansas City for the filming of “The Storage Medium” complete, we met the challenge of packing not only clothes and toiletries for a weekend away for four people into one van, but cameras, lights, and filming equipment as well. We thought we’d share some of the packing lessons we learned with you.

1.    Lay everything out before storing it in your suitcase- This makes it much easier to double check that you have everything that you need to pack. If you try to double check everything is packed after loading up your suitcase it will be harder to see clothes and personal items.
2.    Fold your clothes neatly. It takes up much less storage space in a suitcase to have a neat folded pile of shirts than if you just toss them into the bag.  Remember that whatever you purchase on your road trip must also return with you so if you are sitting on your suitcase to get it to close prior to the road trip you will not be able to shop much while you are on your tip.
3.    If possible take an empty duffel bag that you can transfer dirty clothes into. This will save your clean clothes from becoming mixed in or stained by the dirty clothes.
4.    When packing the car or van for a road trip remember that people will be stuck in the car for hours at a time. While it might seem like no big deal to give up some leg room that may quickly become bothersome. Leave plenty of room for people to move around while traveling.
5.    Loading is like Tetris. Know what suitcases have electronics and should not be placed on the bottom of the pile. Keep in mind that bags with medicine or personal care items should be placed where they are easily accessible. Start with heavy boxes or hard exterior suitcases on the bottom and start the packing game from the bottom up.
6.    Make use of the space. Our van to Kansas City had storage space in the floor that allowed us extra storage space. Use side pockets, the glove box, and any extra storage features that your vehicle gives you to maximize space.

According to The Readers Digest there are a few things that you should remember to pack for road trips:

•    Audio books
•    Car food- try to pick crumb-free, easy finger food that won’t leave a sticky mess
•    Pillows and blankets – Just remember that if you fall asleep in the car you leave yourself open to pranks or your sleeping face ending up on a social networking site
•    Paper products -toilet paper is not always a guarantee at rest stops!
•    Spare Keys -there is no road tip if the car keys are lost
•    Sports equipment- Frisbee or a ball can be a great way to get rid of some energy at a rest stop. This is great when traveling with children.
•    First Aid Kit
•    Travel Games
•    Breakdown supplies- roadside kit, flashlight, batteries are a must
•    Wet wipes
•    Car chargers for all electronic devices such as GPS or cell phones

Road trips are all about a little preparation so that you can hit the open road for fun and adventure. With the right packing and planning you can get everything in the car and still have room for your traveling companions.

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  • These are great ideas, and not only for the car, but for any storage space. Many people tend to forget to utilise spaces in between/under/inside their furniture items. At the same time, besides electronics and medicines, you may want to consider fragile and breakable items as well. These need to be put in plain view, with obviously a generous amount of padding around it. A good idea would be to use the cloths and towels to do that so you can maximise what you’ve already got.

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