Just How Secure Are Self Storage Units?

Self storage break-ins are rare. StorageMart serves well over 50,000 storage customers every year, and the number of break-ins can typically be counted on your hand.

As uncommon as these events are, they do happen. StorageMart has previously written helpful tips to make storage units secure. These include doing your homework when choosing a self-storage company, packing your valuables in an inconspicuous manner, using a high quality lock for your storage unit and protecting information like your gate entry code and the exact inventory of items.

What do thieves have in common?

These are some common threads among self storage theft

  • Estranged spouses remove items from a previously shared storage space
  • Family members take items from one another
  • Employees remove items from a business storage space without authorization from their employer
  • Someone knew what items were stored by word of mouth directly from the storage tenant or close friend and decided to help themselves

On occasion, a thief may hit storage lockers at random and take items they quickly spot as valuable. We’ve addressed how to safeguard against this in our blog “StorageMart Tells You What You Need to Know About Self Storage Theft”.

What should every storage tenant have in common?

Insurance guards us against potential loss. We use it for our health, our homes, our cars, our lives, and – if you’re Merv Hughes – you can even insure your trademark mustache.

Merv Hughes, Australian cricketer,  insured his mustache for £200,000.

Merv Hughes, Australian cricketer, insured his mustache for £200,000.

Every storage tenant should have insurance to cover the items in their storage locker. At StorageMart, we don’t leave this to chance.  Our storage agreement requires that every tenant carry insurance on the items being stored in one of our facilities.

In some cases a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover items being kept in an off-site storage unit.  Consult your insurance agent to determine whether or not your policy provides such coverage, but if that isn’t the case, StorageMart customers must carry a 3rd-party insurance policy.

What can StorageMart customers have in common?

StorageMart offers a Premium Lease coverage option and many customers opt-in to this plan designed to provide some coverage in the event of a loss. Under the Premium Lease, there is no deductible in the event of a claim. The Premium Lease is not an insurance plan, but many customers choose to add this to supplement the insurance coverage they do have.

StorageMart’s Premium Lease plan is not available in British Columbia due to the regulatory environment in the province; however, the storage company does require the same from BC tenants – they must carry an insurance policy to cover their items in storage.

What should never happen to a storage customer?

If you’re a tenant at StorageMart, you’ve agreed to carry insurance on your storage unit. But on occasion, a customer might let a policy lapse or expire. And when this occurs, they’ve left themselves vulnerable in the off-chance of a loss.

Customers who experience loss due to theft would usually prefer their items returned, but when they have an insurance policy, they gain at least some sense of compensation. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the other side as well when storage customers, despite having signed the rental agreement, had no insurance protecting them from loss. In these circumstances, they may not recover their stolen items and have no way to receive compensation.

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