FAQ : Leases and Legalities

What items can I not store?

Anything that is flammable, dangerous, perishable or illegal cannot be stored.

Is insurance required?

Yes, most tenants opt in to our Premium Lease option, which covers your belongings and carries a zero dollar deductible. Your homeowner's policy, renter's insurance or business policy may cover off-site storage as well.

What if I have my own insurance? What documents do I need?

Please provide the proof of coverage statement from your insurance provider.

What’s covered by the Premium Lease?

Under our standard lease, StorageMart accepts zero liability for stored goods belonging to a tenant. Under the Premium Lease, StorageMart agrees to share some liability with the tenant. For a few dollars in extra rent, StorageMart will share up to $1,250.00 liability for some types of water damage and up to $2,500.00 liability for many types of theft, fire and building damage. This is not an insurance policy. Please read your Premium Lease addendum for details.

What's a Preferred Customer Rate?

The Preferred Customer Rate is a lowered storage rate that is automatically given to any tenant who has paid by the first of the month. Most of our tenants use the auto-pay feature or send their payment by the first of the month so they can receive the Preferred Customer Rate. Accounts paid after the first of the month losses the preferred customer rate for the current month.

What are late fees?

We do not charge late fees. In fact, most of our tenants pay on time every month and enjoy the Preferred Customer Rate.

I'd would like info about an auction.

StorageMart lists all storage auction information in the local newspapers and other local news sources.

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