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Small Unit

Small Storage Units

20 to 80 Sqft

Personal Use1 Bedroom ApartmentStore boxes, chairs, bookcases, and small household furniture.

Business1-2 Office Cubicles, BoxesStore chairs, file cabinets, boxes, and small office furniture.

Medium Unit

Medium Storage Units

81 to 150 Sqft

Personal Use2 Bedroom Apartment, GarageStore chairs, boxes, sofas, desks, mattress and bed sets.

Business2 Offices, InventoryStore desks, cabinets, computers, printers, copiers and other medium sized office equipment.

Large Unit

Large Storage Units

151 to 300 Sqft

Personal Use3-4 Bedroom Home, Full GarageStore desks, bookcases, boxes, patio furniture, sofas, beds, and other large household items.

Business3-4 Offices and BoxesStore conference tables, sofas, cabinets, cubicles, and other large office equipment.

Extra Large Unit

Extra Large Storage Units

301 Sqft and Up

Personal Use5 Bedroom HouseStore mattress sets, sofas, patio furniture, baby cribs, and other large household items.

Business5 Office Spaces and EquipmentStore conference tables, desks, cubicles, computers, servers, and a lot of room for boxes and inventory.

Parking Unit

Parking Spaces

18ft - 38ft Wide

Personal UseCars, RV's and Boats

BusinessTrucks and Company Vehicles

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