5 Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are behind us and we’re fully into the new year.  Storing your holiday decorations can be a hassle, but you should try to do it promptly so you don’t end up as that person who waits until March.  Here are some handy tips for properly storing your holiday decorations and hopefully simplifying the process.

  1. Christmas Trees generally come in a cardboard box that seems really convenient for storage, but they aren’t particularly sturdy and tend to break down over time, which leaves them susceptible to insect/rodent infestation.  If you tree is easily assembled and disassembled, you should go with an airtight, plastic crate for storing your tree.  If you’d prefer not to take it apart (or it can’t be disassembled), Christmas tree bags are available in most places Christmas trees are sold.
  2. Wreaths should be stored in boxes or vinyl bags designed to hold the wreath’s shape while it sits in storage.  The important thing to remember is to not stack anything on top of your wreaths that could crush them.
  3. Special tree ornaments typically come in their own boxes, so use those whenever possible.  Smaller ornaments can generally be kept in egg cartons.  Bubble wrap or tissue paper can be used to wrap more delicate ornaments, and you may even be able to use leftover wrapping paper. All your ornaments should then be stored together in hard plastic crates.  Most stores that carry holiday decorations will also have specially designed multi-tier storage crates for sale.
  4. Everyone knows one of the biggest hassles of storing your holiday decorations is dealing with strands of lights.  Save yourself time next year by properly organizing your lights before putting them into storage.  Don’t just wrap them in a big ball and stick them in a box; it might not be a problem for you now, but next December you’ll hate yourself! Try wrapping them around empty tubes of wrapping paper instead.  You can even buy Christmas light winding mechanisms similar to what you’d use for a garden hose.  The amount of time, energy and sanity you’ll save is well worth the extra time spent storing your lights correctly.
  5. Wrapping paper, boxes, box, ribbons and tissue paper should all be stored in plastic tubs to keep away moisture.  You can also purchase gift wrap organizers that hang in a closet to store your gift-giving supplies.

One of the biggest issues you’ll face when storing your holiday decorations is what to do with everything.  It’s hard to justify taking up valuable space in your home for items you’ll only use for a few weeks out of the year (this is particularly true of the larger yard ornaments we all love to drive by during the holidays).  That’s why renting a storage unit is the ideal solution for storing your holiday decorations.  It’s an affordable and convenient solution that allows you to fully participate in the holiday season without cluttering your home the other 11 months out of the year.