Agriculture, Hospitality, and Entertainment in Saskatchewan

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) in Regina, Canada, is a sprawling event that offers everything from hospitality and entertainment to agriculture products. The festive show is a blend of entertainment, indigenous culture, and agriculture exhibits. Visitors also enjoy live bands, food, and shopping.

This is the 49th edition in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and this year’s event runs from November 25-30, 2019. The 50th edition in the capital of Saskatchewan will start a little later, November 30–December 5, 2020.


This large, popular agribusiness trade show in Saskatchewan promotes agriculture for Canadians and overseas visitors interested in the Canadian agriculture industry. It mainly exhibits animals like alpacas, sheep, bison, and horses.


The two big events in Regina, Saskatchewan are Pro Rodeo and Full-Contact Jousting.

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) has partnered with the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) for the Pro Rodeo. This show has four performances and features 16 athletes.

Meanwhile, Full-Contact Jousting has a six-knight tournament. Two men on horses on either side of a 55-metre fence charge at each other. They use 3.4-metre-long lances and collide at 48 kilometres per hour to strike their opponent and unhorse them. Eventually, one Full Contact Jousting champion emerges after the skirmishes.


Canadian Western Agribition in Saskatchewan, Canada, is growing every year. This year, it’s estimated to welcome about 126,000 local attendees and about 1,000 tourists from 75 countries.

Accommodation & Storage

As you can expect, the hospitality industry in Regina, Saskatchewan is always excited about the show. Exhibitors also have the convenience of storing their gear and equipment at self storage facilities nearby.