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Stadium Shoes Truck

Self Storage Helps Launch a Small Business

With a growing prevalence in medium to large cities, food trucks are quickly becoming the latest trend in consumer culture. Nathan Fleischmann of Columbia, Missouri hopes to broaden this trend to retail sales with the launch of Stadium Shoes, a casual footwear store…on wheels.
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Tales of Storage

The Tall Tale Of Self Storage

Have you ever told a tall tale? “The fish was so big that it pulled my boat clear across the water!” Have you ever heard a tall tale? In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26th we wanted to take a look at some tall tales. Some tall tales are based on exaggerations of actual events, and others are just a whopper of a tale.
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Winter Self Storage

Winter Is Coming

We just started autumn, but it is not too early to start thinking (or worrying) about winter. While we may not have to worry about White Walkers raising an army of Wights, there’s plenty of reasons to keep tabs on winter expectations.
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