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Edith Head Wedding Self Storage

What Would Edith Do?

Yesterday would have been the 116th birthday of famed costume designer, and 8-time Academy Award winner, Edith Head. We’re celebrating by providing tips on how to safely store your garments.
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Google Hummingbird Flies Into the World of Self Storage

There has been ample press coverage of the latest Google algorithm update know as Hummingbird. Matt Cutts, the Google Fellow in charge of anti-spam fighting and the spokesperson for Google updates spoke about Hummingbird at a recent Pubcon session. Pubcon is one of the oldest and best established conferences for internet and social marketers.
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Electronics Self Storage

When The Official Announcement Comes

With last week’s official announcement from Ninetendo that they have stopped production of the Wii console, we thought it would be a good idea to provide everyone with some tips for the storage of electronics. After all, you may find you don’t play your Wii nearly as often anymore, but in a few years you’ll no doubt be feeling the pangs of nostalgia.
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