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Storage Auction Lessons Learned the Hard Way by the Comic Book Men

With the popularity of the “Storage Wars” franchise growing year after year (there are now three spinoff shows of the California-based original, located in Texas, New York City and Canada), more and more people are taking a chance at finding their own big score behind a storage unit doors. Recently we saw that trend even extend to the stars of another reality-based show.
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Joe P of A$E

Storage Wars New York Reveals an Art-rageous Find

The “Storage Wars” franchise of TV shows has taught viewers a well-executed game plan can make buying abandoned storage units a legitimate revenue stream. An internet search will reveal numerous stories of rare, valuable or highly unusual items found in auctioned off storage units. Very rarely, however, will anyone encounter a find like the one Joe Pauletich came upon recently.
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Toronto Solar Energy

StorageMart Keeps the Current with Solar Installations

Last year StorageMart entered into a partnership with JCM Capital of Toronto to install solar panels onto the rooftops of its properties in the Greater Toronto Area, making StorageMart a leader in the self storage industry in finding ways to purpose their properties beyond the rental of self storage space.
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