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Show Us Your "Shelfie"

At some point everyone has taken a photograph of themselves, and the trend began way before the rise of smart phones and social media, but only recently has this kind of photography had a name…the selfie.
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Baseball History on Auction

A Piece of Baseball History Goes to the Auction Block

It’s one of the most famous bits of folklore in baseball history. It was the fall of 1926 and the New York Yankees were in St. Louis to play the Cardinals in the World Series. Famed slugger Babe Ruth, one of the most famous men not just in his sport but in the entire country, and five of his teammates signed a baseball and had it sent by air mail back east to little Johnny Sylvester, who had been injured falling off a horse.
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No Unlucky Days

Never an Unlucky Day at StorageMart

No one is exactly sure when or why Friday the 13th became known as an unlucky day. A well-known Tom Hanks film would have us believe it’s tied to the history of the Knights Templar and Freemasons. Aspects of various religions lend mystery, suspicion or fear to the number 13.
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