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Foster Care in Missouri

StorageMart Puts Its Shoe In for Missouri Foster Children

For the second straight year, StorageMart participated in a donated shoe drive. Those shoes were then lined up outside the Missouri State Capitol to create a visual in support of bringing greater awareness to the children living in foster care in Missouri.
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Canada Maple Leaf

Cris Burnam Provides Benefits of Doing Business in Canada

StorageMart President Cris Burnam recently wrote a piece for Entrepreneur outlining the benefits startup companies could see if they were to expand to Canada.
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Document Self Storage

Storing the Web + Tips for Document Storage

We’re big on doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s why we’re installing solar panels on the rooftops of many of our properties. It’s why we’ve partnered with recycling companies to act as a public drop-off point for items that would otherwise end up in landfills, and it’s why we love to retrofit existing buildings into self storage properties.
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