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StorageMart Clean Brand Promise

StorageMart's Cleaning Initiative

When you stay at a hotel, you expect it to be clean. You are not only temporarily living in this space, you’re using it to store your most essential possessions. Similarly, when you rent or purchase a self-storage unit, you are trusting that designated space to accommodate and maintain your personal possessions.
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StorageMart Growth

StorageMart's Potential for Acquisitions

In recent years, public real estate investment trusts and large private storage operators have been rapidly purchasing independent storage facilities to create consolidation within the storage industry. Consolidation is occurring largely because new facilities are not being built, prompting the large leading companies to purchase smaller facilities. Self-storage development has been slow since the economic recession, but experts believe it will speed up within the foreseeable future.
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George Bernard Shaw Quote

Make Room for Things That Matter

Acquiring an excess of ‘stuff’ is an easy thing to do in the materialistic, consumer-driven world we live in. Minimalism may sound like a pretentious design scheme you read about in Scandinavian interior design blogs, but it’s actually an attainable-- and desirable-- way to approach the space around you. Practicing minimalism simply means using less. In exchange for accumulating dozens of items you only kind of like or might use, you narrow it down to five items you love and always use.
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