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A funny picture of an office full of people crowding a frustrated employee.

3 Signs Your Office Space Is Too Small

There’s a fine line between office space that is efficient and office space that is cramped. And when you cross that line, it can lead to chaos and decreased productivity. Here’s how to know if you’ve crossed that line.
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A close-up shot of a man making notes in front of a stack of boxes at a small business.

5 Tips for Storing Inventory

The good news is that your business is doing well. The bad news is that your storage area is a mess. Happily, there are a few steps you can take to hold you over until the time is right to take on more space. Here are five inventory storage ideas.
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A young couple smiles and laughs while sitting by their moving boxes.

How To Move on a Budget—Three Tips

Moving is never fun, but the end result is usually worth the effort. What you don’t want is to be sitting in your new home, enjoying the fruits of your labor, when the bills start coming in. Here are three easy ways to trim your moving costs.
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