SpareFoot Wins Austin Startup Games, 23K Goes to Kure It

SpareFoot Wins Austin Startup Games, 23K Goes to Kure It

For the second straight year, our friends at SpareFoot, operators of the country’s largest online marketplace for self-storage, took him first place at the Austin Startup Games.  The real winner, however, was Kure It Cancer Research.  For their victory, SpareFoot received a check for $23,000, which will be going directly to the organization dedicated to funding kidney cancer research.   To date, SpareFoot has donated $43,500 in Startup Games prizes to Kure It.

“By bringing home the gold for the second year in a row, SpareFoot more than doubled its previous contributions to Kure It,” Karen Jones, Executive Director of Kure It, said.  “I was so pleased to be able to attend the games this year, and experience the energy and excitement of the day.  By far, my favorite part was meeting the SpareFoot employees and getting the chance to thank them for their commitment to Kure It.”

Sixteen Austin-based startups participated in ten different events.  SpareFoot employees took home the gold medal in five events and silver in two others.

SpareFoot Gold Medal Winners:
•    Flip cup: Geni Glynn, Stuart Maynard, Andrew Reese, Matt Stites, Josh West and Jenny Zhang
•    CEO Mystery Event: Chuck Gordon, Brett Chauvière, Willa Glesener, Cory Michner and Austin Wagner
•    Beer pong: Evan Huston and Michael Wright
•    Foosball: John Durrett and Mario Feghali
•    Pop-A-Shot: Jacob Kouhana

SpareFoot Silver Medal Winners:
•    Connect Four: Rob Gonzales
•    Shuffleboard: Itzett Romero and Kyle Shelton

“SpareFoot’s incredible team spirit was on display when we absolutely dominated the Austin Startup Games,” SpareFoot co-founder and CEO Chuck Gordon said. “While last year was a close 26-23 victory, this year we pulled ahead and won 31-15. SpareFoot bleeds gold!”

About Kure-It
The idea to establish Kure It came after Barry Hoeven was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1998 while on a family vacation.  Very soon after diagnosis, Barry began to compile information about his cancer including speaking with prominent specialists in the field.  He recognized early on that there is a grave disconnect between the amount of people afflicted with kidney cancer and the amount of funding and research being conducted to find a cure.  It became clear to him that more research needed to be done.

In April of 2007, Barry partnered with City of Hope to create a fund called Kure It! Kidney Cancer Research Fund, which raised over $400,000 with the help of friends, family and colleagues.  In January 2010, all involved determined the time had come to establish Kure It, Inc. as an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; allowing for a broader range of opportunities resulting in a greater impact.
Kure It’s goal is to be the leader in granting funds to kidney and other cancer researchers conducting innovative research projects to better treat and ultimately cure kidney and other orphan cancers.

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