Daylight Savings 2017: Time to Turn & Test

According to the American Red Cross, seven people die every day in home fires in the United States. Tragically, some of those deaths could have been prevented if people had only remembered to test or replace their smoke detector batteries. So, when daylight savings time ends on Sunday, November 5, 2017, StorageMart and the American Red Cross want to remind you to check or replace the batteries in all of your smoke detectors as you go through your home turning back the clocks. Keep your family safer this season—don’t forget to “Turn & Test.”

Do You Have a Home Fire Escape Plan?

Two minutes. This is all the time you might have to escape a burning home. That’s why now is a great time to think about your family’s fire escape plan. To help, The American Red Cross has provided a free fire safety resource that you can print and fill in with your own fire escape plan.


Your friends at StorageMart encourage you to spend a few minutes mapping out your fire escape routes, and making sure your loved ones know what to do in case of a fire-related emergency. Get more tips for fire safety, or learn how to assemble an emergency survival kit for your home.

Fire Safety in the Home: Fast Facts

  • 52% of parents with children ages 3-17 have not talked to their families about fire safety.
  • 70% of families with children have not identified a safe place to meet outside the home.
  • 82% have not practiced home fire drills.

Remember, you may have as little as two minutes or less to escape a burning home. Put yourself and your loved ones to the test with a two-minute fire drill. A little bit of planning could go a long way toward keeping your family safe.