3 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Dining Area

A stack of magazines. The dry-cleaning that needs to be dropped off. The quilting project you haven’t worked on in three months.

Those are just a few of the things that end up on the dining room table.

The result? You can’t use your dining room the way it’s intended—to enjoy leisurely meals with loved ones. But even worse, the clutter-filled room becomes a source of stress. Every time you walk by it, you’re reminded of unfinished business.

The good news is that the dining room is one of the easier rooms in the house to tackle. Here’s how to get the job done in three easy steps.

1. Purge

First, address the table itself. Set aside a few hours and completely clear it off. File papers, sort through projects, and make the rest of your family deal with their stuff, too.

The rest of the room takes a bit more emotional fortitude. Maybe you have a china cabinet filled with wedding gifts you never use, while things you actually like—and use—are stuffed into the sideboard.

Just because something was a gift doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep it forever. Instead, honor the spirit of the gift by donating it or passing it onto someone who will use it and enjoy it.

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that you’ve gotten rid of things that you don’t actually use, this part should be easy. Organize your remaining items either by occasion (winter holidays, Thanksgiving, etc.) or by item (tablecloths, placemats, napkin rings, etc.).

3. Make Your Table a No-Drop Zone

You’ll be back to where you were before in no time at all unless you make one simple rule—nobody is allowed to put anything on the dining room table. Not one single thing. Not even for a moment.

Face it, that large empty surface is simply too tempting unless you adopt this zero-tolerance policy. If it helps, keep placemats or a centerpiece on the table so that it always looks elegant.

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