DIY Cat Tree Project

DIY Homemade Cat Tree

If you have some plywood laying around from an old house project, you might consider building a kitty castle for your furry friend! This DIY project makes use of plywood, lumber, carpet, and rope or twine. Of course if you don’t have these things, it is an inexpensive Saturday DIY craft that the kids will love.

What You’ll Need:

  • Table/Circular Saw Drill
  • Pocket-hole Jig
  • 50 ft. sisal rope
  • 3×12 ft chemical free carpet
  • 2″ screws

Step One: Measure and Plan

Depending on how many resources you have, you’ll need to decide what your kitty castle will look like. It’sa good idea for the base to be larger than the perches. Check out the images for one idea of how to make a kitty castle.

Step Two: Cut and Prep Boards

Use your table saw to cut your boards. Predrill and sand the boards, and loosely assemble to check the design. Disassemble when done to make it easier to attach carpet and rope.

Step Three: Attach Sisal Rope and Carpet

Attach the sisal rope to the vertical poles to give the cat a scratch post. On the platforms, attach the chemical free carpet. Use staples to attach the carpet and rope to the kitty castle pieces. Then reassemble the tower.

Step Four: Kitty Invasion

Now that the tower is built, present the new climby-thing to your kitty. She’ll love the new perch and scratch posts!

This DIY project is a great way to reuse spare lumber and plywood. Another way to recycle is to hold rummage or garage sales. If you have several friends who want to do the same, consider renting a storage unit to collect all of the items in one place without sacrificing garage space. Our store manager can help you find the best sized unit, or check out our handy sizing guide online.