Do you think The Brady Bunch had enough room for family storage space?

Congratulations! Your personal “merger” is complete and now two families are living under one roof. You have twice as much on your plate and probably twice as many plates as well, which begs the question; do you have enough space? Do you have enough family storage space?

Of course, your first priority will be room for you and your children. The guestroom that was a place to study might need to be a nursery which could cause resentment from your older teens. Someone might have to park on the street instead of the garage. You’ll be running the dishwasher and washing machine more often. There’s going to be a lot more activity and it’s bound to be noisier. What can you do to make your new life a little easier?

 A Plan
The beautiful plan you and your spouse agreed upon before you got married might will need some tweaking now that you’ve lived in your new reality. Be flexible. If you both agree something needs to change, then change it. When your children see that their parents can be flexible, they’ll find it easier to change as well. Involve everyone in the family, as much as you can because everyone will be affected by your new living space.

A Pace
You’ll be able to recognize which things need to be changed far faster than the change will occur. Don’t expect your husband to give up the Chevy he’s been restoring for years in a moment. Long term, the car will be restored or resold, but either decision will take some time. Extra family storage might buy the time he needs to make up his mind about the car, while keeping your garage clean and your sanity intact. Likewise, your children may not have played with some toys in years but they are not ready to give up yet. Don’t let your new family push forward their toy timetable. You might store these toys at StorageMart until the time is right. And when is the time right? Watch Toy Story 3 and you’ll get a good idea.

A Place
A home is more than a place to get out of bad weather; it’s a place where, you bandage scraped knees, celebrate birthdays and make memories. If your family is stumbling over each others’ things while looking for a quiet place to have that important conversation, maybe there should be fewer things and more living in your home. Surely, you won’t need two dishwashers, an extra TV or that bike that all of your children have outgrown. Make it a family conversation to see what your family truly doesn’t need anymore. Have a yard sale and agree ahead of time how your family will celebrate with the money you earn. The faster you make new memories, the closer your family will become.

Don’t Panic
Your new family will face challenges and you will overcome them. With time, a good plan will help establish your new home as a loving place for your family to grow. It won’t look like The Brady Bunch, because that was a TV show. Because you don’t have plenty of space behind the scenes, make more family storage available  for your family and think about storing some of your belongings off site, to make your dwelling the home you want it to be.