It’s No Joke, Missouri Offers to Give Away Pair of Bridges

Famed confidence man George C. Parker made his living “selling” New York City landmarks to…let’s call the more innocent new arrivals to the big city.  One of his favorite objects to sell was the Brooklyn Bridge, which he sold several times over.  His exploits became so famed they led to the phrase “and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you” entering the American lexicon as a popular way of pointing out gullibility.

Well the state of Missouri isn’t joking with anyone.  The Missouri Department of Transportation is giving away a pair of historic bridges.  There is one catch however.  Anyone willing to take the state up on its offer must be able to remove the bridges on their own.

The bridges in question are the Platte Purchase Bridge and Fairfax Bridge.  Both are located in Platte County, spanning the Missouri River.  The state wants to remove the bridges to make room for a new project, but each is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places due to their span (each is approximately 2,600 feet long) and truss design.  Because of that, by law the state must make them available to the public before demolishing them.

It would take a pretty big storage unit to hold either of these bridges, but self storage would be a great spot to store tools for the work you do around your home.  Here are some handy tips for storing your tools:

•    Before storing your tools, clean them thoroughly.  With power tools, be sure to clean out the air filter and remove any covers to allow for brushing or blowing out dirt, dust, wood chips or grass.
•    Empty the fuel tanks on any power tools.  After emptying the tank, allow a tool to run on idle until it stops.  This will get all fuel out of the system while keeping lubrication in the system.
•    Lubricate all moving parts.  Machine oil is probably fine, but consult the owner’s manual for each of your tools for specific recommendations.
•    Check all hand tools for cracking in the handles or rust.  Using damaged tools can be dangerous, so make repairs/replacements as necessary.
•    Keep your tools well organized.  Knowing where everything belongs is the best way to not only ensure you’ll be able to find the tool you need when you need it, but also to help maintain your tools in peak working order.  Benches, racks, chests, boxes and pegboards are all excellent resources for keeping your tools in order.

It will take more than a few screwdrivers to take apart a bridge, but taking proper care of your tools will leave you ready to tackle your home repairs and projects.