How To Live in A Storage Unit? Not!

  • how to live in a storage unit

If you have ever wondered if you can live in a storage unit, you are not alone. Living in a minimalist-type space has become more popular in recent years, with many people choosing to live in Tiny Houses, which are only 100 to 500 square feet. If owning a tiny house is the current trend, will renting a tiny apartment be far behind? Could self storage facilities across the nation become subdivisions overnight?

Well, why not? Look at the amenities StorageMart offers!

  1. Convenient location
  2. StorageMart has over 200 locations in multiple countries, which could help with finding a centralized location.

  3. Fenced & well-lit
  4. Our customers have peace of mind storing with us because our storage facilities are fenced and well-lit.

  5. Keypad access
  6. StorageMart customers are given Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) that are used to access the grounds.

  7. Easy self-parking
  8. In addition to offering units designed to store vehicles at some of our locations, we also offer easy and convenient self-parking.

  9. Meticulously clean
  10. Clean, Easy, Service is what we promise to provide to our customers.

  11. Climate controlled
  12. Climate controlled storage units are an excellent option for storing things like furniture, art, and documents.

  13. Unmatched friendly service
  14. Our friendly staff is here to help our customers, and many facility managers even live on-site.

  15. Private entrance through large door
  16. If you decided to live in a storage unit, one thing that would surely sweeten the deal is our private entrance for customers.

It sounds a lot like your favorite hotel, so who wouldn’t want to live there? If the question, “How to live in a storage unit?” has crossed your mind, it's no surprise.

Why You Should Not Live in a Storage Unit

Everything has its place in life. Libraries are best suited to store books, parking garages are ideal for storing cars, and freezers were invented to keep food frozen. Corrals were made for horses and cattle. Dorm rooms store students and mansions are made for millionaires. Storage units are not made for living in. It presents many challenges for basic human activities like eating and sleeping, and is strictly prohibited by most storage facilities.

Heating Food

It would be tough to heat any food over the 60-watt bulb that is typically found in your average storage unit. Sure, you could bring a hotplate or a mini-fridge to your storage unit, but you would have to say goodbye to food cooked in an oven or on a stove.


Sleeping in a self-storage unit would be like sleeping in a garage - it would be a long walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and a good likelihood that you'd be wearing mismatched socks in the early morning!

Wi-Fi and Cellular Service

A metal building isn't conducive to receiving strong cell signals - you can forget about watching "Storage Wars!"

You’ll Eventually Get Caught

If the above reasons didn’t convince you, this one will. Living in a storage unit is prohibited by most storage facilities, and the staff or facility manager will eventually find out that there is someone living in a unit and you will have to vacate.

Seriously - don't live in a storage unit. Really. But feel free to rate your next hotel room by our standards!

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