How to Save on Rent with Affordable Self Storage

  • How to save on your rent with affordable self storage

Those living in growing urban areas like Toronto are no strangers to the rising cost of renting an apartment. In fact, recent reports show a $300 average monthly rent increase in the GTA just in the last few months, and many other cities are seeing high increases as well.

This has many scavenging for cheap apartments or wondering how to save on rent. You could always get a roommate (we hear that always goes well), but if you’re not ready to share your bathroom with a stranger, consider how some affordable self storage space could help save you money on rent in the long run.

We know what you’re thinking; can spending money on a storage unit actually help me save on rent? Hear us out.

Spare the High Cost of a Spare Room

Think about the holiday decorations you only touch once a year or the high school memorabilia hiding in the back of the closet – you may not use them often but you’re paying a high price for the spare room or large closet you keep them in.

You could make a move to a slightly smaller place (or at least somewhere with less closet space) if you had a solution to store what you rarely use but still need to keep. That’s where an affordable storage solution comes in handy.

Efficient & Affordable Use of Space

Finding an inexpensive storage unit that doesn’t outweigh your savings from downsizing and avoiding rate hikes is the key to making this work for your budget. 

Don’t get stuck paying a high premium for apartment storage space when you could choose from a wide variety of sizes and types of storage units to fit exactly what you need. Also keep an eye out for great deals. For example, at StorageMart we don’t require deposits or contracts, and with first month free on most units so you can easily move in for next to nothing and stay budget-friendly.

Also keep in mind that beyond the extra cash in your pocket each month, you’ll reap the many benefits of getting ‘storganized’ as we like to call it. Reclaim your space with less clutter, more room, and even lower stress

Reserving a Storage Unit Online is Easy

Self storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out available storage units nearby to find the perfect size unit to fit your needs as a renter and complete a rental in just a few minutes online.

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