Inside StorageMart: Top Storage Unit Finds vol. 2 (UK Edition)

  • Shaun the Sheep Storage Find

You might be surprised by some of the treasures people decide to store! If you couldn’t get enough after Volume 1 of our Top Storage Unit Finds series, you’re in luck! We’re back with a new round of unique finds – this time from our storage locations in the United Kingdom!  

1. A wooly find in Brighton

We get calls all the time from customers looking to store the contents of their spare bedroom or garden shed, but we were a little surprised when we got a request to store a 9 foot tall Shaun the Sheep statue at our Brighton & Kemptown StorageMart! Shaun stayed with us for a few months, completely filling an 80 square foot space, before moving on to help promote the newest movie.

2. Roll with the punches

A few years back a local boxing ring had a flood… rather than stop training to wait for repairs, they actually moved their ring into one of our storage rooms in Brighton on Crowhurst Road! A total KO of a deal for both parties. 

Dalek in Storage

3. Who stored it?

One of the longest running television shows in history, Dr. Who, has fans all over the globe, not to mention a huge fan base here in the U.K. We were thrilled when one of our customers looking for storage in Bevendean recently unloaded this Dalek in excellent condition!

Although we can’t confirm it, the rumor is the Dalek was constructed by the son of Bill Roberts, one of the original creators of the TV show. Doesn’t seem like anyone is at risk of being exterminated today at least!

4. Cat House

In the past we’ve tackled some tough questions… like how many pancakes fit in a storage unit, but we weren’t prepared to learn how many stuffed animals fit in a storage unit! We had a company that helps teach children sign language bring their massive stock of small stuffed cats to our storage facility in High Wycombe.  

We aren’t talking a few hundred, we’re talking 200 square feet of storage space completely full to the brim with stuffed cats. It was quite a sight and a great cause to support. In fact, we love supporting local organizations helping to give back to the community with our Store it Forward program, a collection of initiatives that provides funds, a helping hand, or a little bit of extra space to those in need.

Stay Tuned for More Storage Treasures

Ready for more strange storage finds? Be sure to check out Volume 1 and keep an eye out for more behind the scenes storage treasures from StorageMart.  Whether you’ve got something unique or downright normal cluttering your home, you might benefit from a little extra space. Find an available unit online today and cross “rent storage” off your to-do list in less than 5 minutes. 

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Derek is the Creative Content Manager at StorageMart and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Missouri. An avid animal lover and Netflix binge professional, you can usually find him enjoying time with friends and family when he isn’t catching up on a show with his dog, Mowgli.

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