Seriously…Don’t Keep Dogs in Your Storage Unit

Seriously…Don’t Keep Dogs in Your Storage Unit

A storage unit is a convenient and affordable way to store a great many things you don’t have space or use for in your home.  There are, however, many things you shouldn’t keep in a self storage unit as well.  At the very top of that list would be living creatures.

Which brings us to a very strange story from Corpus Christi, Texas.  The manager of Available Self Storage discovered seven puppies being kept, without food or water, in a storage unit.  He immediately called the police and local animal control, who took control of the dogs.

When the tenant, 47-year old Huyen Nguyen, learned the police had been contacted and his dogs had been taken away he responded…by physically attacking the store manager.  Another employee discovered Nguyen kicking the manager as he lay prone on the ground.  The employee wrestled Nguyen off him and pushed him out the door, locking it behind him.  Nguyen attempted to regain entry to the office by hitting the glass door with the gun he retrieved from his car.  Nguyen was able to crack, but not break through, the door before he fled the scene.

Onlookers contacted the police, who apprehended Nguyen several days later.  Nguyen now faces felony assault charges.  The store manager was left bruised and bloodied, but otherwise okay.

Since then Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, with the cooperation of local non-profit organization People Assisting Animal Control, has found permanent homes for each of the seven puppies.  We’re happy to report none of the seven puppies is showing any lasting medical or emotional issues from their ordeal.

Sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of puppies being kept in a storage unit while someone attempts to sell them.  That this is dangerous for the animals should go without saying.  Non-climate controlled storage units don’t have the temperature control or ventilation necessary to comfortably house living creatures.

So if you rent storage space and you think you hearing barking or meowing (or other animal sounds) coming from neighboring units, please notify the manager.  You could absolutely be saving lives.

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