Never an Unlucky Day at StorageMart

No one is exactly sure when or why Friday the 13th became known as an unlucky day.  A well-known Tom Hanks film would have us believe it’s tied to the history of the Knights Templar and Freemasons.  Aspects of various religions lend mystery, suspicion or fear to the number 13.  A popular novel of the early 19th Century (entitled simply “Friday, the Thirteenth”) may have given widespread popularity to the superstition when its main character took advantage of the mythical date to create a panic on Wall Street.

Whatever the origin, only the most non-superstitious among us look at a Friday the 13th as being simply another day.  The rest of us, while perhaps not fundamentally changing the way we lead our lives, seem to tread just a bit more cautiously those 2 or 3 times a year when Friday and the 13th of a month coincide.

Some people might act like that toward the idea of renting a self storage unit.  They are wary of keeping any of their possessions stored outside of their home, and by extension outside of their direct control.  They worry paying a monthly fee for storage rental won’t provide enough value to justify

Those fears can all be put to rest when renting with StorageMart.  Our friendly staff are waiting ready at each of our locations to provide the highest quality customer service to everyone walking through our doors.  We’ll work with you to determine the type and size of storage unit most suited to your needs.  By providing a wide variety of storage sizes and services, frequent move-in specials and a monthly leasing option, you can rest assured that with StorageMart you’ll never pay for more storage than you actually need.

Additionally, PIN-controlled gate access, perimeter fencing, well-lit grounds and parking facilities and video surveillance create a welcome environment at our StorageMart facilities.

If you want to play things just a bit more cautiously each Friday the 13th (or Tuesday the 13th if that’s your superstition), go right ahead. But, if you ever find yourself in need of extra storage space, know it’s never an unlucky day with StorageMart.