Meet Joyce Keller: The Star of The Storage Medium

    It’s not your typical kindergarten student who is fully aware of their life’s calling, but there is very little about Joyce Keller that is typical.

    “I was blessed to have had a very psychic mother,” Keller said.  “Before I had even started school she was teaching me dream analysis, meditation and much more about metaphysics.  On my first day of kindergarten, I received the impression my teacher was facing a serious problem.  I called her over and said to her ‘Miss Harris, your mommy is sick.  You have to go home now.’  She looked down at me scornfully and told me I would spend the entire year in the principal’s office if she heard another word like that from me again.  So I made the decision right then and there to never pay attention to my psychic impressions again.”

    That was a life decision that was short lived for Joyce as she was received much differently by her teacher the next day.  Keller remembers, “the next day she knelt down beside me and asked, ‘Joyce, how did you know my mother was ill?  She was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital at the moment you were telling me she was sick.’  I shrugged my shoulders and told her I didn’t know how I knew her mother was sick, I just knew.”

    And so began a path for Joyce Keller which would eventually lead to appearances on TV shows hosted by the likes of Regis Philbin, Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jesse Raphael and Geraldo Rivera, several best-selling books and the longest-running live radio show for the body, mind and spirit.  She has cemented her status as one of the world’s leading psychics and hypno-therapists.  Her Long Island-based radio show and podcast and columns for Lifetime TV’s website provide regular advice to listeners and readers on subjects ranging from life, love to the more metaphysical astrology, and extra-sensory perception.

    Joyce will be lending her skills to customers and the public at Kansas City-area StorageMart locations as part of a new web-based program called The Storage Medium.  Part Antiques Roadshow and part Long Island Medium, this new show will feature individuals submitting their most prized antiques, heirlooms and artifacts to Joyce for a free psychic evaluation.  This particular disciple of metaphysics, the reading of inanimate objects, is called psychometry.

    “Psychometry can be very difficult because it’s so layered,” Keller said.  “By that I mean a person can ask me to read a piece of jewelry they are wearing, but it really belonged to their grandmother.   What I try to do is straddle the line between the seen and the unseen.  I use the energy or vibrations contained within an object and hopefully combine those impressions with what I’m feeling from the person who owns the object.”

    Part of the way Joyce is able to sort through the layers of vibrations coming from an object is with the use of birthdays.  “Birth dates are important as they are the one thing about a person’s true essence that cannot be changed, Keller said.  “By asking for a person’s birthday I can zero in on them with a combination of astrology and psychotherapy.”

    Despite the challenges inherent with psychotherapy and the natural level of skepticism from many, Joyce is looking forward to the challenges of The Storage Medium.  “The truth is it’s almost impossible to prove anything to anyone,” Keller said.  “A skeptic will be a skeptic forever, no matter what is said or done.  It’s about a mindset and having one that is open to all possibilities.  I’m looking forward to The Storage Medium and know it will be a successful show.”

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