The Storage Medium: 'Ethereal Flight' (episode 3)

    Most of us have, at one point or another, felt the sensation known as “butterflies in the stomach”, but for one visitor to The Storage Medium™ butterflies have always been on her mind.

    Stephanie doesn't know, at least not consciously, why she has always felt drawn to butterflies, but she knows there must be some reason she has felt compelled to collect them over the years. For this episode of The Storage Medium™, she has brought two butterfly wall hangings to Joyce Keller, hoping Joyce might be able to lend her special insight.

    Joyce immediately picked up on Stephanie being very psychic herself, even joking that she should be giving Joyce a reading (Do we hear spinoff?!?!), but she has deliberately chosen to not fully acknowledge the ability.

    Joyce also read in Stephanie the “ethereal flight” and beauty of the butterfly, so it was no surprise to her Stephanie has always felt a deep connection with them. In fact, Joyce likened Stephanie and her untapped psychic gift to a butterfly still waiting to emerge from its cocoon (now if we had video of that, we’d have a TV show).

    This week’s episode of The Storage Medium™ also branched off a bit from psychometry into motivational speaking as Joyce urged Stephanie to never hold in what she’s inspired to say. Joyce even played the part of Driver’s Ed instructor by urging Stephanie to stop driving so fast (How’d she know that?).

    Stephanie was very taken with the affirmation she also possesses the gift of sight, but it shouldn’t be surprising to fans of The Storage Medium™ as Joyce seems to find psychic ability in most of our guests. That shouldn’t make it any less real for Stephanie though, as she seems almost ready to buy a crystal ball, burn some incense and start her own psychic gig.

    That’s it for now from The Storage Medium™, but keep your third eye focused because you never know when Joyce Keller might pop up again to unlock the secrets, stories and mysteries hidden within the things we encounter every day.

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