“Storage Wars” is Changing the Way the Storage Industry Does Business (VIDEO)

With spinoffs located in Texas, New York City and Canada, the “Storage Wars” franchise continues to prove it’s not a flash in the reality television pan, and the popularity of these shows is changing the landscape of self storage auctions.

With the fast paced, back and forth, action depicted between larger than life characters with names like The Gambler, the Mogul, Joe P. and Big Steve, the popularity of the “Storage Wars” franchise has trickled down into the real world of storage auctions by bringing a whole new community of bidders and buyers to local storage facilities for the regular auction of defaulted storage units.

The rise in the notoriety of self storage auctions has also created in many minds the false perception it is easy for a self storage company to seize and sell the contents of a storage unit.  This is actually a very well regulated, prolonged process.  Laws vary from state to state (and country to country), but any individual storage facility should be able to provide the laws pertaining to storage auctions in their area.

That said, the best way to ensure the items in your storage unit are never made available for auction is to remain current with your monthly rental fees.  Storage facility managers would prefer every customer remain current on their monthly rental fees so they would never be forced to go through the process of auctioning off defaulted storage units.  In this area, many storage facilities are seeing higher levels of on-time rental payments from customers more aware of the possibility of their storage units being auctioned off.  This rise in compliance is being credited to the rise in awareness of the storage auction process, as made famous by the “Storage Wars” franchise.

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Sarah Little, Director of Digital Marketing at StorageMart, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She serves as Vice President and on the Board of Directors for the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association and also on the Board of Directors for Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc., both are non-profit groups dedicated to improving the lives of children.

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