3 Top Edmonton Realtors

Edmonton has always done things a little differently—in a good way.

The city has the largest shopping mall in North America, 40 annual festivals, and a magical wintertime collection of ice castles, slides, caverns, mazes, and tunnels.

It’s an exciting place to live—and an even better place to stake your claim and raise a family.

There is, however, one person you’ll probably need to help you either buy or sell your home—a realtor with the expertise and time to get the job done.

Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents in Edmonton City

Hiring a realtor is a bigger decision than it may seem. There are always factors beyond your agent’s control, of course, but who you hire can make the difference between getting top dollar and settling for less.

If you’re new to town, a realtor can guide you to the right neighborhood for your price point and lifestyle.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask before hiring an agent:

• How many years of experience do you have in the business?
• How do you plan to market my home?
• Do you plan on holding open houses?
• What kind of photography do you use?
• Can you provide me with references?
• Will I be working directly with you?
• How do you handle multiple offers?
• What neighborhoods do you specialize in?
• How many clients are you currently working with?
• What will it cost me to sell my house?
• Can you help connect me with other professionals such as movers or decorators?

3 Top Realtors in Edmonton

1. David Demian, RE/MAX. A detail-oriented agent who has a comprehensive understanding of the Edmonton real estate market.

2. Chris Hedstrom, The Good Real Estate Company. Hedstrom doesn’t view his deals as transactions. Rather, he understands they represent a “new way of life” for his clients.

3. Sara Kalke, RE/MAX. This agent is also a professional photographer and one of her passion’s is helping you stage your home to perfection—and then market it successfully.

StorageMart and the City of Edmonton

Moving isn’t easy, but a good agent can help everything go as smoothly as possible. Another thing that can help? Renting a self storage unit to smooth the transition in the event you have to sell your old home before moving into your new home.

At StorageMart, you can rent a unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. Our self storage units can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are always clean and well lit. Need more info? Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.