Long-Term Bike Storage Ideas and Preparation

There’s not too much involved in getting your bike ready for storage, but you will want to follow through with a few easy steps to prep your wheels. And once you do, you’ll want to put a little thought into where you decide to store your bike.

Bike Storage Preparation

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean your bike. Wipe down every inch, which will give you the chance to look for damage or rust to the frame or chain. Use a small brush to clean between the links of the chain. If necessary, use a degreaser.

You’ll also want to check your wheels and make sure the tread is still good. Take a look at the brake pads, too, making sure they still have some life left in them.

Before you take your bike out next, you’ll want to give it a complete tune-up, but the most important thing before long-term storage is that your bike is clean and rust-free.

How to Store Your Bike

There are two things that are most important here. The first is to keep your bike protected from the elements, which is fairly obvious. But the second is that, if you hang your bike, make sure to hang it by the frame—never the wheels. Some experts also suggest storing your bike upside down to take some of the pressure off the tires.

Bike Storage Solutions

The ideal place to store your bike is in your living room, where humidity can’t cause any rust or damage. Before you go run that by your significant other, we’ll throw out another option.

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is ideal for your bike, as well as items like electronics, antiques, record albums and other collectibles.

The next best option is a storage unit that’s not climate-controlled or your garage, in which case a bike cover might be a good idea to protect from dust and grime.

Bike Storage Ideas and StorageMart

At StorageMart, you can rent a unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. We offer affordable self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are always clean and well lit. Need more info? Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.