How to Choose a Storage Unit for Business

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Your business needs more space and you need it yesterday.

Sure, you could go online right now and rent a self storage unit for your business in less than five minutes. But isn’t it a better idea to spend an extra half hour, consider what your unique needs are—and get a space that’s going to solve your problems without creating any new ones?

Here are a few things that every businessperson should consider before renting a self storage unit.

Location, Location, Location

The price of a business self storage unit can vary quite a bit depending on where it’s located. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll want to drive an hour to pick up a box just to save a few bucks (time is money!)

By the same token, if you’re storing supplies that you know you won’t need for six months, there’s no sense in renting business storage space in the middle of Manhattan.

Take a few minutes and think about how you plan to use your new storage space, then choose a location that works for you.

Business Never Stops

When you own a small business (or a big one, for that matter) your day doesn’t start or stop at any certain time. You’ll want to make sure that the self storage company you choose operates during convenient hours.

If you need a few boxes at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning, for example, you’ll want to be able to get to them easily, which brings us to our next point…

Easy Does It

So when you drive up to your self storage unit on a dark winter evening, the last thing you need is a hassle—or to be fumbling around with a flashlight.

Here’s what you do want: a clean and well-lit space, wide doorways, hand carts, and dollies to make the job easier and loading bays that offer easy access.

Flexibility and Freedom

Why pay for what you don’t need? Find a storage unit for your business that offers month-to-month service, without locking you into a long-term contract.

While that sounds straightforward, be on the lookout for facilities that sneak in cancellation fees. Who has the time, or the disposable income for that?

Keeping an Eye Out

You may think it’s a given that all self storage facilities have 24-hour video surveillance, but that’s not always the case, so be sure to ask.

 Along the same lines, you’ll want to pay attention to locks. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to find a video on YouTube showing how to pick a combination padlock.

The solution? A heavy duty disc lock designed to be impossible to pick, smash with a hammer, or remove with a bolt cutter.

How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

Storage units start at about 20 square feet and can be as large as 300 square feet or more.

Depending on how you plan to use the space, you may want to factor in a little wiggle room. If you plan to store items that you know you won’t touch for six months, go ahead and pack the space as tight as you can.

But if you think you’ll be taking things in and out of storage, you’ll want to leave a small walkway through the middle of the unit.

Keeping it Cool—or Warm

If you’ll be storing climate-sensitive items, this is definitely something you should look for in a self storage space for your business. Such items include electronics, artwork, photographs, antiques, books, clothing, appliances. Items made of glass, leather, metal, or plastic also benefit from climate control.

Self Storage for Business at StorageMart

At StorageMart, we pride ourselves on our bright, affordable self storage units that are available to rent on a month-to month basis. We’ve got what it takes to give you not just more space, but also peace-of-mind. Check out our storage unit size guide or rent a unit online today.

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