5 Questions to Ask Before Renting Self Storage for Business

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You’ve got the best kind of problem a business can have—you’re growing and you need more storage space for your business.

Before you jump the gun and rent a bigger office or warehouse, here are a few questions to ask yourself first. Depending on how you answer, renting a self storage unit for your business could give you all the space you need at a fraction of the cost.

1. What Kind of Space do I Need for My Business?

If you need more storage space—for either products or supplies—a self storage unit may meet your needs without the expense of building or renting space.

If you need more office space, consider rearranging your current facility. Could you convert some of your storage space into offices or work areas—and then rent a storage unit for extra office supplies?

It may well be that you are headed toward an expansion and will eventually need a new building. But many people find that business storage units are great for the interim, giving them room to grow without a big financial commitment.

2. How Much Space Do I Need for My Business?

Storage units for business start at the size of a small closet (about 20 square feet) and can be as large as 300 square feet or more.

Remember, though, that this isn’t like renting warehouse space. Don’t select your unit based on anticipated need. Instead, choose the size that you need for where your business is at right now.

The beauty of renting self storage for business purposes is that you can always rent a bigger unit down the road. In the meantime, why pay for space that you don’t need?

3. Is There a Contract?

This is an easy one. There’s a reason you’re not renting warehouse space. You want to keep your business lean and agile.

Most self storage units allow you to rent on a month-to-month basis. If you’ve found a facility that asks for a longer commitment, you should look into other options.

4. How Accessible Is the Space?

Chances are, you know someone who is willing to rent or lend you extra space in their garage, basement, or office. While that may be tempting at first, think about the way you roll.

If your business is fast-paced, growing, and vibrant, the last thing you need to do is call up your aunt to see if you can stop by at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday to pick up some boxes. You also don’t need the worry that her basement flooded—and your supplies, files or inventory is ruined.

What you do want is a commercial storage facility that is conveniently located, clean, well-lit, and easily accessible.

5. Do I Need Climate-controlled Space?

There are two reasons to choose climate-controlled storage.

The first is to protect temperature-sensitive items. These include electronics, artwork, photographs, antiques, books, clothing, appliances. Items made of glass, leather, metal, or plastic also benefit from climate controlled storage.

The other reason is to keep yourself comfortable. If your storage unit is in Miami, Florida, for example, you may find that climate control is worth it if you spend any significant time at your storage unit.

Self Storage for Business at StorageMart

Storage Mart offers bright, affordable self storage units that are available to rent on a month-to month basis. Check out our storage unit size guide or rent a unit online today. Renting a unit with us is quick and hassle-free—and may be just what you need to allow your business to grow.

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