How to Handle Holiday Decorations Once the Season is Over

  • A Christmas tree in a shopping center sparkles with ornaments and lights.
You want your store or office to look like a winter wonderland. But what will you do with all those decorations once the holidays are over?

Some businesses may have the room for all that extra cargo, but you don’t. Happily, there are a few novel solutions that may help you keep your jolly.

Hire an Expert

Ever wonder how some people’s displays look so amazing? There are companies across the country that specialize in decorating other people’s homes, businesses or stores.

For something simple and elegant, costs start at around $1,000, but quickly escalate to as much as $40,000 or even more if extensive outdoor light displays are involved.

Because you’ll just be leasing the decorations, not buying them, there’s nothing to store and you won’t have to do any of the work of putting up or removing decorations.

Create a Merry Vibe

If you run a business and are mostly trying to create holiday cheer for your employees, you could put up a few decorations that need to be stored, but do most of your merry-making through other methods.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Give each employee a poinsettia for their desk.
• Put bowls of sweet treats throughout the office (or oranges if you’re being good.)
• Have an ugly sweater contest.
• Have gourmet Christmas cookies like these delivered (or host a cookie tasting day where anyone who wants to brings treats in).
• Plan a secret Santa gift exchange. • Pick a worthy cause and make a donation as a company.

Consider Additional Storage Space

If you’re the type who loves to decorate—and want to do it yourself—renting a self storage unit may be the right move. That way, you can put up all the lights, garland, and ornaments you want, without having to worry about crowding your backroom the rest of the year.

At StorageMart, we offer affordable self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are clean and well lit. Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today. After all, there’s no reason to be a Grinch when it’s so easy to get the space you need for holiday decorations—or any of your other storage needs.

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Sarah Little, Marketing Director at StorageMart, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association, a non-profit group dedicated to improving the lives of children.

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