Tips for Moving During the Holidays

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Your holiday to-do list just grew a lot longer. Now, you also have to pack up everything you own and then unpack it all somewhere else. It’s enough to turn anyone into a Grinch.

We’d love to send you a dozen elves to lighten your load, but they’re pretty busy this time of year. Instead, check out the following tips and tricks to help you move—while still enjoying the holidays.

Make Your Holiday Cards Do Double-Duty

Include a brief note in your annual holiday cards letting friends and family know you’ve moved. That’ll save you the time and expense of doing two separate mailings. If you have small children, it’s also a good idea to include your new address in letters to Santa. That’ll go a long way in calming what is sure to be one of your kids’ greatest fears—that the big guy won’t find you. For more great tips on moving with young children in tow, check out our post: How Moving Affects Children—and How to Get the Job Done with Them Around. 

Get Gifts Done Early

Nobody wants to be searching through boxes for scissors or gift tags. It will take some planning, but ultimately make things way easier if you can manage to buy your gifts early, wrap them, and then either stash them away (if you’re moving after the big celebration) or pack them up in clearly labeled boxes (if you’re moving before the big day). Handle every detail, including items for stockings.

Set the Scene with Music

Long days of packing and unpacking don’t feel all that festive. At the same time, it’s hard to be grumpy when holiday music is playing. Have a playlist ready and keep the tunes coming.

Keep It Simple

Pare your decorations down this year by limiting them to just the main living area of your house. Then, when it’s time to move, those decorations can go in a few boxes and be the first thing you put up in your new home. If you decide to put up a bunch of outdoor lights, you are either the cheeriest person in the world or the craziest. Either way, we can’t help you.

Find Fun in Your New Community

Whether you’re moving near or far, take a few moments to plan something festive to do in your new community—even if it’s as simple as grabbing dinner and then driving around looking at holiday lights.

Take a Half Hour Off

You did it. You survived the move and are in your new house. Sure, you could unpack all night if you wanted to. But why not slow it down and take a moment to celebrate? Make some hot cocoa (instant, remember you’re keeping it simple) and bring out the cookies you bought at the store. Depending on how hard the day has been, consider making your drink a bit more jolly (Baileys anyone?).

Self Storage and Moving in Winter

If space is tight, consider renting a self storage unit to help with your move. Especially if you don’t have time right now to deal with things like bikes, inflatable pools, sports gear, and even swing sets that have been taken down and must be reassembled. It might also be a good idea to use a self storage unit to stash packed boxes or even gifts that are wrapped and ready to go. At StorageMart, we offer clean, well-lit self storage units that can be rented on a month-to-month basis. Moving is hard, especially during the holidays, but it’s also an exciting time. Sometimes, a little more room—even for a month or two—is all you need to stay merry.

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