How to Store Vinyl

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It doesn’t matter that the whole world has gone digital. There is absolutely no way you’re getting rid of the “Thriller” album you got for Christmas when you were 12 years old—or any of your other records.

But if your intent is to truly preserve your vinyl collection, you’ll have to so better than that box in your attic.

1. Handle with Care

Before handling your records, you should wash and dry your hands. Then, be careful to touch only the edges and the label areas or your records.

2. Store Albums Vertically

Records that are stored horizontally can warp over time. The best way to store records is vertically. While a regular cardboard box or even an old wine crate will work, you could also use a specially designed box like this one from Amazon.

3. Keep Record Sleeves

Don’t remove records from their original sleeves, as they offer extra protection (unless the sleeves have mildew or some other damage, in which case they should be replaced).

4. Consider the Climate

Probably the most important step in preserving your record collection is to keep them cool and dry—away from heat and direct sunlight. Humidity can also harm your record collection.

In most houses, that eliminates attics and basements, which are vulnerable to both humidity and temperature swings.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

In most cases, records can be stored safely in a first or second floor closet of your home. But if space is tight, that doesn’t mean you have to sell your collection or subject it to subpar storage conditions.

At StorageMart, you can rent a climate-controlled self storage unit as small as 25 square feet or so—which will offer more than enough room to store hundreds of albums, as well as your old record player.

The best part? There is no long-term contract. So when you get a bigger place, you can easily move your records back in with you. Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.

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