7 Steps to Making a Hotel Room Feel Like Home

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With just a little extra effort, you can turn a hotel room into a place that feels like home. Here are seven quick-and-easy ways to get the job done.

1. Pack Wipes

You’re probably staying in a nice place with good maid service, but still … don’t you ever wonder if they clean every doorknob, light switch and—perhaps the most-touched thing in any hotel room—the remote? Bring a travel-sized container of wipes, spend two minutes disinfecting things and rest easy knowing the only germs in the room are your own.

2. Bring Drinks and Snacks

Whether your thing is a few squares of dark chocolate while reading a book before bed or a beer while watching a game, it’s nice to have those things handy. Call ahead and make sure your room has a mini fridge, then bring the items that will make you feel at home.

3. Enjoy the Benefits of Decluttering

Yes, this is a thing, even in hotel rooms. Does your room have decorative pillows (the kind that are never washed)? Throw them in the closet. Stick all those brochures in a desk drawer. Hotel rooms are small enough.

4. Have a Proper Toiletries Kit

If you travel with any regularity at all, it pays to be prepared. Sure, if you forget a razor they’ll probably bring one up for you, but that takes time, tip money, and hassle. And if your travelling with daughters, you know that tiny container of conditioner will be about enough for your 5-year-old’s head of curls—and that’s it.

5. Bring a Bit of Home With You

This could be a relaxing playlist, scented room spray, or even your favorite silk pillowcase. But pick one thing that relaxes you and bring it along.

6. Know Your Passwords

With so many hotel rooms having smart T.Vs., you could watch your favorite show on Amazon or Netflix—if you remember to bring the passwords. Remember to ask what the Wi-Fi password is, too, and if there is an upgraded service available for members of the hotel chain’s loyalty club.

7. Make it Your Own

. Would you rather have the desk looking out the window? Do you keep tripping over an awkwardly placed chair? Move things around a bit, especially if your stay is longer than one night.

Keeping Life Simple

You want to be comfortable on the road, but also while you’re at home. For most of us, that means clean and uncluttered surroundings.

But the reality is, you can only organize so much. If you have too much stuff, you’ll always have clutter.

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