How to Have a Halloween Party for Kids

  • Four kids enjoy a Halloween party together.
There are only three things you need to create a memorable and fun-filled Halloween party for your little ones—spooky decorations, ghostly good food, and a few games.

Here’s how to have the scariest Halloween party for kids.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids—Food

With all the candy they’ll be gobbling down, it’s a good idea to sneak a few fruits and veggies in as well. It doesn’t get much easier than things like pumpkin tangerines, ghosts made of bananas or spooky fresh fruit kabobs.

Looking for ideas on how to make your Halloween party for kids even more fun? Round out your menu with super-cute pretzel mummies, mac-o-lantern and cheese bowls, and meatball mummies.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids—Decorations

Let your inner witch run wild when planning your party. Things don’t have to look nice, after all. But they do have to be spooky. Here are few ideas to get you started.

• Make everything black, including the plates, napkins, balloons, and streamers.
• This Halloween chandelier is a lot harder to pull off, but it’s both spooky and elegant—and can be saved to use year after year.
• Make these spooky spider webs. All you need to pull this look off are some black trash bags and a bit of time.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids—Games

Sure, you can bob for apples or pin the tail on the spooky cat, but here are few more ideas to keep your party going.

Pumpkin mini golf. The goal is to get a hole in one by putting into the carved mouth of a pumpkin.
Mummy race. Divide kids into teams of two. One child must wrap the other up in toilet paper before the team runs together toward the finish line. The team that crosses first wins.
Pumpkin twister. This game is perfect for the preschool crowd, who will delight in the brightly colored pumpkins and spinner board.

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