Storing a Boat, Camper, Trailer or Motor Vehicle

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting on the back porch with a group of friends. The grill – full of burgers and brats – is creating the aroma that can’t satisfy the gurgle in your stomach. As you sip your iced tea, you’re transported to a time when you went camping with the same group of friends and you were sitting by the fire telling ghost stories late into the night. And, you say to yourself, “I should go camping more often. I’m going camper shopping tomorrow.” A pin-drop could be heard as everyone around you stops what they’re doing to look at you. You soon realize what you thought you said to yourself was actually out loud. But, why not? Go get that camper and then, go camping. Frequently. Spend time in the great outdoors for a weekend, or maybe a month. Share good times with family and friends.

And, when you’re not using it, park it where you know it will be safe and behind a keypad gate.

Many of our StorageMart locations offer parking spaces for rent. Spaces are either on gravel or pavement. Some are covered, and others are not. Some locations even have drive-up storage units big enough for you to park inside.

We don’t just store campers, but boats, cars, trucks and trailers too.

And, whether you’re needing it for a season or for several years, we’ve got you covered. Many of our customers have rented for several years and have upgraded to larger campers and faster boats.

When storing an item at StorageMart, we required that it be licensed, insured, currently registered, and in running order.

So, if you’re wanting to get out and go camping more—or if you’re a contractor and need somewhere to store your trailer when not on the job site—give us a call today and ask about sizes and pricing.