StorageMart Cookies Policy


Part of our dedication to providing an easy and clean experience is making sure we stay on top of web development trends that can help us provide a better user experience on our website.


What are cookies?

We utilize what are commonly referred to as ‘cookies’ throughout our website to track which pages are most helpful and where we can improve. Cookies are small text files used by most websites to track visited pages and other key experience information.


How we use cookies

The data collected help us provide you with a better experience and you won’t even have to make the difficult decision between chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.  We also may share the information collected with an advertising partner, explaining why after visiting our page, you may see banner about our first month free discount on available units.


Remember – these cookies are not harmful to your computer and hold no sensitive or personal information about you. However, you can always turn them off if you wish by following the directions at this page.




Session Cookies

We use a session cookie to remember basic information related to your journey through our site. The cookie holds no personal information and expires once you close your browser.

Google Analytics

StorageMart uses Google Analytics to help see how visitors are using our website. Examples of this would include seeing how often customers visit, what pages they visit, what types of units are they renting online, etc. No personal information is collected or stored so the data is totally anonymous.

By using the StorageMart site, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google Analytics for the purposes set out above.

You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy with regard to its analytics service at:


How to reject or delete these cookies.


Google Display Network, Affiliate

We use Google Display Network and Affiliates to collect non-personal identifiable information about our visitors to serve ads at a later time. This type of information would Include getting the IP address of the visitor to understand what country and city they are visiting from. We them use this data to create what are called “market segments” to place advertisements on websites for storage that users will deem more relevant. All information collected satisfies the EU’s data protection requirements.

How to reject or delete these cookies.


Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

We use Visual Website Optimizer to test new designs and webpages that help our users better navigate on our website. This cookie allows us to test changes to our website by letting some users see the old version of our site, and letting another group see the new version. We are then able to see which version performs better and is more user friendly. Visual Website Optimizer does not track your personal information.


Read more about the Visual Website Optimizer cookie and what is collected at:


How to reject or delete these cookies.



We use Invoca to serve a unique phone numbers to our visitor so we can better understand where our visitors are coming from (IE: A Google search, ad, yellow pages, etc). Invoca uses cookies to track the user and history of visits so it can serve the best phone number to our visitors. Invoca is certified in its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.


Read more about Invoca’s privacy and cookie policy, including how to reject the Invoca cookie at:



We show YouTube videos to provide our users a better experience in renting storage. YouTube places a cookie on the users machine whenever a YouTube video is displayed and you can find out more about the YouTube cookie policy at:



Doubleclick is used to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns for StorageMart. User data is anonymous.


How to reject or delete the these cookies: