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Business Storage

Renting self storage for your business is an excellent option for itemizing and organizing your company's goods, whether you are part of a major corporation or starting your own business. Having your office become overrun with inventory isn't just bad for your stress; it's also not the best environment for meeting with clients.

Having extra space available to you and your staff makes for easier access to products or equipment and allows for more efficient shipping. Many companies, ranging from contractors to medical professionals, have experienced growth due to their investment in business storage.

Renting off-site self storage will also allow you to streamline your workspace without the high costs of renting additional retail space. The increased productivity from a more efficient work area will turn your money-saving move of renting storage space into a money-making move.

Reasons to invest in business storageBusiness_Owner

You can buy in bulk.

If you catch a good deal for your product and buy in bulk, you can save a lot of money in the long term. Since 24-hour accessibility is an option offered to all our commercial customers, you can get to equipment, inventory or records any time you need them or at the time most convenient for you.

Manage Distributions and Deliveries

Your business storage unit is an ideal distribution hub for your inventory and employees. Bring in large shipments and then separate them into smaller, easy-to-handle parcels for your route drivers.

We accept deliveries for you to make your business more efficient.

Business storage is great for seasonal inventory.

Thanks to the convenience of month-to-month leasing, you can enjoy the benefit of seasonal inventory storage.

You can keep track of backorders more efficiently.

Inventory management is crucial to any business. To keep your customer service in tip-top shape, you may need the extra space for things like backorders.

Things to assess in business storage space


The location of your business storage facility is important, especially if you will be transporting items back and forth from your warehouse or office on a frequent basis. If you work with a third party like a wholesaler, you’ll want your storage as conveniently located as possible.


Most business storage units can be accessed during regular office hours, but you want to make sure that you have 24-hour options for those times when you need to obtain business documents or products before or after the regular workday. Since deliveries are common in just about every business, you will also need to determine who will have access to your storage unit(s) with your on-site manager.


To maintain a structured business model, you need to make sure you’re renting enough self storage space to meet all your needs. Unsure exactly how much space you’ll need? Our staff is trained to work with our customers to determine the self storage solution best suited to their specific requirements.

Give us a call today – we’re happy to help you make a short list of all your storage options, or rent a space over the phone.