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The Ultimate Guide to Climate Controlled Storage

A comprehensive look at at why climate controlled storage is important, what items should be stored in a climate controlled space, and some helpful tips before you move into a unit. 

Introduction to Climate Controlled Storage

Everyday, people use climate controlled self storage units to help prepare for moving day, to get organised, to reduce clutter around the house, or to preserve valuable, sentimental belongings for the future that could be damaged by extreme fluctuations in temperature.

If you haven’t used a self storage unit before, you might have questions about how to find the best climate controlled storage solution for your needs. Or maybe you're wondering what kind of items are ideal for climate controlled self storage. Either way, this guide is for you!

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What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Demand for storage facilities that offer climate controlled units is increasing as more people are realizing the many benefits they offer. But, what exactly does the term "climate controlled storage" actually mean?

Climate controlled self storage units vary among storage companies and locations. At StorageMart, our climate controlled units are maintained at a consistent temperature year round—regardless of the weather outside.

Did You Know?

Climate Controlled self storage units remove dust and foreign matter from the air, keeping your items cleaner and fresher

Currently StorageMart offers climate controlled storage space at our Maidstone location with more facilities soon being upgraded to offer these amenities. 

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Climate Controlled Self Storage

Why is Climate Controlled Storage Important?

Now that you have a better understanding of what climate controlled storage is, you may wonder, "Do I really need a climate controlled storage unit?" Take a moment to think about what you’re storing and for how long you plan on storing it.

Extreme temperature changes over a period of time can be tough on anything, from wood, leather, pictures, vinyl records, and other electronic equipment. Depending on the items you’re storing, the benefits of climate controlled units can definitely outweigh the slightly higher cost of rental.

Did You Know?

When choosing a storage unit, you can consult with a storage manager to help decide if a climate controlled unit makes sense for you.

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How Should I Prepare My Items For Storage?

After renting a climate controlled storage unit, follow these basic packing tips to ensure everything remains in the same condition you left it:

  • Put a Lid on it - To keep dust & dirt away from your stuff, make sure to keep a lid on all of your packages. Large items like furniture or mattresses can be covered with blankets and mattress covers.
  • Use Packing Tape- Seal your boxes with packing tape to help prevent them from accidentally opening up. You can also use tape to secure tarps and sheets to large items.
  • Keep in Mind the Weight of the Box- Packaged boxes should not weigh more than you can lift. Heavier items should always be placed at the bottom of the box, and lighter boxes should be stacked on heavier boxes. 

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