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Your Next Project Could be Easier and More Profitable

It takes time to haul your construction equipment to and from the job site (let’s be honest, you have more than one) every day. Forgive the tired cliché, but time is money – especially in this business. You’ve been looking for ways to be more efficient – but it really might boil down to having some extra space. Let’s check out your options:

Choosing the Best Home Base for your Contracting Business

Option #1: Storing On-Site: This definitely takes the least amount of transport time but you’re opening yourself to increased theft risk as well as equipment damage from the weather. Not to mention you might be splitting some equipment between a few sites.

Option #2: Storing at Home: If you have the space, storing your equipment at home is certainly an option, but most contractors aren’t interested in piling their garage full of equipment they need to access on a moment’s notice.

Option #3: Building a Warehouse: A warehouse or garage is an ideal solution, but most contractors don’t have the funds on hand to cover such a large expense – not to mention your need for space varies by season and getting locked into a long-term contract isn’t great.

Contractors talking about a job on site.

Freedom & Flexibility

None of the standard options are really sounding that appealing. The perfect solution would hit all of these marks:
  • A central location
  • Controlled access only for your employees
  • Flexible access hours to fit your schedule
  • Ability to add space when you need more without a contract
  • Peace of mind knowing your equipment is in the right environment
The solution? An affordable self storage room! Get exactly the amount of space you need, where it’s convenient for you. Add us to your crew, and see how your next project can be easier and more profitable.