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Practical Uses for Self Storage

If you’re on a practical mission to find the storage unit size that’s right for you, at the rate that fits your budget, then StorageMart has what you’re looking for. We're here to help you find a storage solution so that you have enough room in your life for all of your favorite things - and the necessary, important things. Storage units offer the extra space you need in your closet, garage, home office, business and more.
Hobby Storage

Hobby Storage

Storage units can help facilitate collections or hobbies. You can line your storage unit with shelving to place boxes of crafts or collectibles in organized rows where everything is easily accessible.

Climate controlled storage units are ideal for storing your keepsakes away from extreme temperatures, as if they were in your own home.
Storage for Business

A business decision for the bottom line.

If you run your own business, you know just how costly commercial space can be and how easy it is to fill that space with people, supplies, inventory, furnishings, equipment and records. Rates on self storage space are significantly less than office or commercial space.

Renting self storage for archived records, surplus inventory or backup equipment will free up space in your current store or office without the high costs of increasing your footprint. You’ll get all the benefits of expansion at a fraction of the costs. You’ll also enjoy having a more organized workspace that’s free of clutter.
Storage for Home

More space for your home.

The same holds true for your personal space. Space is always at a premium, whether you rent or own your home. Unless a move is in your plans and budget, the only way to create more space in your home is to take some things out. The problem? You may not want to be completely rid of your things.

Here’s where a storage unit is ideal. By renting a storage unit near your home, you can move those items you don’t use on a regular basis. We all have seasonal clothing, equipment and decorations we only use at certain times of the year.

Why take up valuable space in your home all year for items you’re only using for three months? Your storage unit will allow you to rotate those seasonal items in and out of your home as you need them, freeing up space in your home without forcing you to get rid of anything.
Practical Storage Solution

There's practically no better solution.

If you are feeling practical right now, none of this is probably news to you. But we have a lot of customers who use StorageMart for very practical purposes and see us as their extra attic, their big closet away from home, their storage garage that they don’t have and their hide-away place. Ask us about some practical tips for packing and stacking. We are glad to help.