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Residential Storage

Whether you are running out of space in your apartment, dealing with a major life change or starting your own business or hobby, the need for personal storage solutions is bound to arise. It's a natural evolution to collect a lot of things over time, but there comes a point when extra space is needed so your home is free of clutter and your basement, attic and garage don't become overrun with those little extras.

Reclaiming your home is easy when you invest in self storage. Not only can this help you sort things out during a period of change, but personal storage allows you to have peace of mind in knowing your belongings are kept at StorageMart.

4 great reasons to invest in personal storage

Customers' reasons for seeking personal storage are varied, but there are some that are more common than others. The need for self storage arises at several turning points or changes in the stages of our lives, and a storage unit can make those transitions easier and less stressful.
Couple Downsizing Home

You are downsizing your home.

Many empty nesters will opt to move into a townhouse or smaller home after their kids have moved out, which means that personal storage could be used to hold on to the contents of their old rooms. Even if you are remodeling your child's former room into a new workout area or home office, you might need a storage facility to hang on to the things your son or daughter left behind.

You have a new living situation.

This can include moving in with a roommate or going through a divorce, which could prompt the need for a storage unit. If you have a unique work situation that requires you to travel for an extended amount of time, a storage facility can be an excellent way to sort through all of those essentials while you are gone.

You are moving temporarily.

There are many reasons why you may need a temporary storage solution, especially if you only have a rental for a few months and need to keep excess belongings in an affordable space. Are you building a new house or simply doing some home renovations and can't find room for some of your most prized possessions? This is a temporary situation where month-to-month personal storage is the perfect fit.

You have a new hobby.

Personal hobbies can also require a lot of extra stuff. For instance, you may need seasonal storage options if you are planning on taking up a sport like snowmobiling or four wheeling. Even with less extreme hobbies, like crafting or scrapbooking, you may be thankful that you have adequate space for those numerous supplies.

Things to assess for your storage unit


Knowing how much you can afford for a storage unit is an absolute must. Depending on the size and type of unit you require, you will also need to adjust your budget accordingly.  If you’re not sure how much storage space you need, don’t worry.  The staff members in our stores are trained to work with you to determine the self storage solution most suited to fit your individual needs.


The amount and size of your items are the most practical aspects of personal storage. This will determine what kind of square footage you and the manager will determine works best. Taking inventory of your goods and accurately measuring furniture and other bulky items can make this process run more smoothly.

Climate Control

There are many things that simply don't respond well to high heat, frigid cold or humidity and need a constant temperature to maintain their value. Some common items that may require climate controlled storage units include antiques, furniture, computers, electronic or music equipment, paintings, photos and books.


Depending on your situation, you may want the location of your storage facility to be closer to home or work. You will need to determine who can access your belongings in the case of emergency as well as options for deliveries and other variables that may require access to your unit when you are not present.

No matter what your personal storage needs are, we'll help you find the storage unit that's the right fit for you.