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Curious About Renting Storage?

Sometimes people wonder why they should consider using a storage unit. From one point of view a storage unit is just one more thing to be responsible for, to pay for, to keep organized and to think about. But from the other point of view, it is a great way to keep organized, to manage your living or work space and to keep your life and your mind free of clutter.

Home is where the heart is, not your clutter.

Many of our customers see their storage units as extensions of their own homes or apartments. We provide that extra closet, attic, basement or shed that is the difference between a home being cluttered or comfortable. A storage space is great for organizing seasonal items like clothing, tools, decorations, sporting gear and outdoor furniture.

Once your extra items are in storage and your home has an airy feel about it, you’ll be able to sit back and relax to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. And your friends will become curious about your refreshed mood.
Business Storage

An easy win for business owners.

Our commercial customers, both large and small, see their storage units as a cost effective way to store inventory, records, materials, supplies or surplus furniture/equipment without taking up valuable space in the office or on the sales floor.

When you compare the cost of office or shop space with storage space, it is much more cost effective to use a storage unit to manage all the things that don’t need to be in the office or in the shop every day. A storage space is ideal for route businesses, service businesses and most any kind of venture.

We're even seeing more people use their storage units as a kind of small business headquarters. They conduct business on their smart phone or tablet while out servicing customers and use storage space for inventory and equipment.

We ourselves are a small business at heart, and feel a kinship with these budding entrepreneurs. We do everything we can to help foster their start-up businesses. That’s one reason we’re actively involved in local business associations and chambers of commerce.
Storage Ideas

Imagine what storage can mean to you.

Where some people see an empty space, we see an opportunity for people to make their lives more streamlined, more organized, more profitable and more enjoyable. We’re curious and eager to hear about how your storage experience makes a difference to your lifestyle.