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The countdown has begun

“School starts in two weeks, are you ready honey?” Wait, what did my mom just say? School is starting back up in two weeks?! I just got home! My stuff…

6 Tips for a sucessful road trip

6 Tips for a sucessful road trip

With our recent road trip to Kansas City for the filming of “The Storage Medium” complete, we met the challenge of packing not only clothes and toiletries for a weekend…


4 Ways To Save Yourself $299.30

The Champaign County Library in Urbana, Ohio received an anonymous book that was returned after being check out 41 years ago.  The book “The Real Book About Snakes” was returned…

Dealing With The Unexpected

Dealing With The Unexpected

What if you pulled into your driveway only to find that your entire house was missing? Nothing left standing but the foundation on which your home use to stand. This…

Do You Recognize The Voice?

Do You Recognize The Voice?

The Voice, a reality television show broadcast on the NBC network, is holding open auditions in St. Louis, Missouri on July 20th and 21st. StorageMart, a full-service self storage company…