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Have Stuff, Live Minimal

The minimalistic lifestyle is an up-and-coming trend that has gained large amounts of popularity recently. The minimalist lifestyle focuses on living with fewer possessions, which allows organization to be easier, but what if we told you didn’t have to get rid of your stuff to live a minimalist life? Having stuff can be part of minimalistic living if done right, so here’s how to make it work for you! 

How to Live Minimalistic with Clutter

You can live a minimalistic lifestyle while keeping all your stuff. You can do this by using garage space or renting a self storage unit. Storage units are a perfect way to keep a minimalist home and ensure home organization, all while keeping your belongings. Have that nice classic car that only gets driven in the summer? No problem! You can store this vehicle in a storage unit as well, to keep the garage at home minimalistic. We recommend starting by focusing on stuff that is quality over quantity. Take your stuff that is not currently in use such as seasonal clothing items or decorations and place them in an easily accessible storage unit. Other various items we recommend storing are sporting goods, tools, lawn and garden equipment, and extra furniture. By using a storage unit, it allows you to be able to access these items at any time, doing so keeps your house organized, clean, and minimal. 

Self Storage for a Minimalist

Living minimal doesn’t have to be overwhelming. No matter how you choose to pursue the minimalistic lifestyle remember that you do not have to get rid of all your belongings Simply, using a storage unit to keep belongings that are not in use right now. Try out our Self Storage Calculator to find the right unit for you and rent online today!