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Self Storage Size Guide

Find the right storage unit size or call us today.

Our sizing guide will help you get a better idea of how much space you need. Don't worry if you can't choose between two similar sizes. You can go ahead and rent the space online that you think works best and if you need another size, we'll adjust your reservation with no problem.

If you need help selecting a size, our friendly staff is here to help. Give us a call and let our storage experts assist you, we can even hold your name on the size you need so you know it's waiting for you.

Small Storage Units

(20 to 80 square feet) Small-Storage

Storage space from the size of a small closet to a walk-in closet

If you can see your items fitting in to the size of a standard or walk-in closet, then a 5x5 or 5x10 small storage unit (about 25 or 50 square feet) is the space you're looking for.

Personal Storage Use

Small storage units range in sizes all the way up to a space about the size of a walk-in closet. You'll be able to fit a room of furniture and some boxes, or a 1-bedroom apartment in a small storage unit. You can comfortably store your boxes, chairs, bookcases, and small household furniture. 

Business Storage Use

Small storage units can accommodate your business files and records and hold anywhere from 30 to 130 boxes. Small storage units are suitable to store chairs, file cabinets, boxes, and small office furniture. Sizes range from 5x5 to 5x15.

Medium Storage Units

Medium-Storage (81 to 150 square feet)

Storage space from the size of an average bedroom to a small garage

If you can see your items fitting in to the size of an average bedroom when everything is packed and stacked up, then a Medium 10x10 storage unit (about 100 square feet) is in the range of what you're looking for. If you need a little bit more space, we have medium storage units as large as a modest garage.

Personal Storage Use

Medium storage units range in size from a small bedroom-sized unit up to a unit that is approximately the size of a small garage. These units can store everything from a small 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom home. You can store chairs, sofas, desks, a mattress and frame, and boxes in this space.

Business Storage Use

Medium storage units can hold anywhere from 100 to 290 boxes and range in size from an 8x10 storage unit up to a 10x15 space. You can store desks, cabinets, computers, printers, copiers and other medium-sized office equipment in this space.

Large Storage Units


(151 to 300 square feet)

Storage space about the size of a living room or one-car garage

If you can visualize your items packed and stored in the size of a large living room or one-car garage, then a large storage unit is what you're looking for.

Personal Storage Use

Large storage units may store desks, bookcases, patio furniture, sofas, beds, and other large household items. Large storage units hold anywhere from 3 rooms of furniture up to 6 rooms of furniture, or a 3 bedroom home.

Business Storage Use

Large storage units can store conference tables, sofas, cabinets, cubicles, and other large office equipment. These units have enough space to place shelving and boxes of files in your unit and hold anywhere from 200 to 580 boxes. Business owners also use large storage for inventory management, storing tools and other equipment. 24- hour access is available at most of our storage facilities.

Extra Large Storage Units

XL-Storage(301 square feet and up)

Storage space the size of a 1 1/2 car garage and larger

If your items could be stored and packed in a space about the size of a 1 1/2 car garage, or if you need a space larger than this, then an extra large storage unit is what you're looking for.

Personal Storage Use

Store mattress sets, sofas, patio furniture, baby cribs, appliances and other large household items. Extra Large storage units can store an entire 5 bedroom home or more.

Business Storage Use

Store conference tables, desks, cubicles, computers, servers, with a lot of room for boxes, inventory, tools or equipment. Business storage customers can request 24-hour access for their convenience. Contact us today to ask about our commercial storage amenities.

Parking Space for Rent

Parking-Units (18 to 38 feet deep)

Parking for Cars, RVs and Boats

Parking spaces large enough to accommodate your car, truck, boat or RV. Rent space for your trailer and jetskis or RTVs. Learn more about how storing your RV at StorageMart can help keep your vehicle safe during inclement weather.  

Parking for Trucks and Company Vehicles

Rent parking spaces for your trucks, vans, and company vehicles, with 24-hour access available for extra convenience.

Sizes are approximate. Please inspect your unit and ensure the space you rent meets your needs. Storage unit accommodation ability will vary based on the size of your contents and belongings.