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Why choose StorageMart?

  • You’re not locked in.

    Whatever works for you. One week or one year, StorageMart requires no long-term contract.

  • Save everytime.

    With no deposits, affordable rent, and free month specials, we’re dedicated to saving you money.

  • You’re in control.

    No commitments. You’re free to change unit sizes and check-in dates to fit your needs.

Top Storage Features in London

Temp Controlled

Climate controlled storage keeps your London, ON storage units at a neutral temp.

Convenient Access

No matter where you're located in the London, ON area, a StorageMart is nearby.

Gated Access

To provide peace of mind, our storage facilities have gated access.

Loading Bays

Drive-in loading bays keep you out of the London, Ontario elements while storing.

Storage Units Near London

  1. 1 Wonderland Road North
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N London storage units
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N London self storage
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N London storage facility
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N London moving boxes
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N storage in London
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd N London drive up storage
    556 Wonderland Rd N
    London, ON N6H 3E3
    3' x 5' x 2'Climate ControlLockerOnly 1 left
    $47.99 / month$35.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 5'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $84.99 / month$72.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    4' x 8'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $115.99 / month$103.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Only 2 left
    $113.99 / month$101.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 15'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $168.99 / month$156.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 8'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $174.99 / month$162.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Premium LocationOnly 1 left
    $182.99 / month$167.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Climate ControlOnly 2 left
    $214.99 / month$199.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 14'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $364.99 / month$349.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Drive-Up LocationOnly 2 left
    $209.99 / month$194.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Drive-Up Location
    $239.99 / month$219.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $386.99 / month$366.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    9' x 25'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 2 left
    $293.99 / month$273.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 23'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $293.99 / month$273.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    9' x 30'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $309.99 / month$289.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 18 ft L
    $92.99 / month$79.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store
  2. 2 Wharncliffe Rd S
    StorageMart storage facility at 677 Wharncliffe Rd in London, ON
    677 Wharncliffe Rd S
    London, ON N6J 2N7
    3' x 5' x 3'Climate ControlLocker
    $26.99 / month$14.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 5' x 3'Climate ControlPremium LocationLockerOnly 1 left
    $74.99 / month$62.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 5'Only 1 left
    $86.99 / month$74.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Only 2 left
    $103.99 / month$91.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Climate Control
    $110.99 / month$98.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    8' x 8'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $171.99 / month$159.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 15'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $142.99 / month$130.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Premium LocationOnly 1 left
    $168.99 / month$153.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    9' x 18'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $208.99 / month$188.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $229.99 / month$209.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $352.99 / month$332.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    12' x 23'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $303.99 / month$283.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 30'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $319.99 / month$299.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    15' x 28'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $384.99 / month$359.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store
  3. 3 Commissioners Rd W
    StorageMart Commissioners Rd London storage nearby
    StorageMart storage facility at 328 Commissioners Rd W in London, ON
    We offer multiple outdoor storage unit options at our facility at 328 Commissioners Rd W in London, ON
    328 Commissioners Rd W
    London, ON N6J 1Y3
    See all 17 reviews
    See all available units at this store


    "At time I was looking for storage space ,I was also frantic on where or what I was going to do. I have 3 small kids and the place I was waiting on didnt know if they could get me in right away. The price they give me was unreal and so I got storage space and low and behold I didnt get it big enough and didnt know what I would do. It was a few days before the end of the month and when I phoned and talked to them about another unit, she said because the first month is free she would only bill me for a few days..WOW!! On my way down there , I was rejoicing and thanking Jesus for looking after us. So when I walked in there my eyes were all red and I told her"" they were happy tears "" , this young lady gave me that storage for $0000.She never knew that if I had paid the storage, even though it was under $10, I wouldn't have had enough for a coffee.I can't say what a blessing these people were to me. I thank the Lord for their help. Their service and help was beyond EXCELLENT!!"


    Great to deal with!

    "I had to switch to a bigger unit two weeks after moving in and it was fast and easy, very accommodating."


    So Happy

    "Was so happy to use your storage,we were under time limits and it is close to where we will be moving to."


    Excellent Service

    "Fast, quick and friendly service"


    Very good

    I liked the manager and the unit was very clean


    I rate Storage Mart 5 stars as I agree with above.

    "My customer service experience from the kind, helpful and patient Ladies at the Commissioners Rd branch was very much appreciated and cost effective for managing my budget. Personally, the proximity of the location also helped reduce the process and stress of moving quite a bit. Thank you for your service."


    Very nice and friendly

    Quick and friendly


    Staff are great!

    "I rented my storage unit thinking it would be enough space for what I needed. Then a week later I was having to move to a bigger unit , then 2 days later I moved yet again to another unit that was more suitable for the bad weather that will eventually be here and didn't want anything to happen to my furniture due to that. The staff was so helpful and extremely friendly for those of us who sometimes have a hard time making up their minds . Thanks Storage Mart!!"


    The unit is just perfect

    "Clean, easy acessible. Excellent representation"


    Fast and easy

    Walked in and walked out with a storage unit in under 30 mins. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Super easy transaction. It's just nice to feel like you're getting a decent deal and that your business is appreciated.


    Great Service, but Pricing Makes No Sense

    "They are great to deal with and couldn't be more friendly. Good access and everything. The prices change though - I had a 5x9 unit for $100/month, and rented another 5x9 that came to $150/month. When I asked why, I was told ""supply and demand"", which to me is kind of a BS answer. I traded in the $150/month 5x9 for a 15x9 (3x the size) for $220/month, because I had just barely missed the ""9x15"" (how is this different than a 15x9?) that was $190/month. So yeah, great company to deal with, but the pricing is seemingly utterly random, so make sure you're getting the best space/dollar ratio. This financial escapade is why they got 4 stars instead of 5."


    great customer service!!

    Can't beat this place. Friendly, caring staff. Great prices, first month free!! Clean unit and everything perfect!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! VERY SATISFIED!! THANKS!



    Nothing bad to say, u guys are amazing and staff is A+


    Clean, well organized & friendly!

    Your facility is in a convenient location. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Facility is clean and well kept. 1st time for us renting a storage unit. Thank you for being there for us!


    Fantastic service

    The service was quick and very friendly


    service was excellent.

    service was friendly kind and answered all my questions. would recommend this company.


    need a clean, dry, secure and freindly storage option,, i got it!

    i was seeking a dependable storage facitly close to my home and was pleased to find storagemart. The staff were pleasent and easy to deal with and found me just what i was looking for at a price i was comfortable with. I have no problem recommending this firm.

  4. 4 Wonderland Road S
    3002 StorageMart London Wonderland 1
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd S London storage
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 1020 Wonderland Rd S in London, ON
    We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 1020 Wonderland Rd S in London, ON
    StorageMart Wonderland Rd S London storage facility
    1020 Wonderland Rd S
    London, ON N6K 3S4
    See all 18 reviews
    3' x 3' x 3'Climate ControlLocker
    $23.99 / month$11.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    4' x 4' x 4'Climate ControlLockerOnly 2 left
    $45.99 / month$33.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Climate Control
    $106.99 / month$94.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    7' x 8'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $181.99 / month$169.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    9' x 10'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $253.99 / month$238.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Climate ControlOnly 2 left
    $184.99 / month$169.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 12'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $194.99 / month$179.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $236.99 / month$221.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 16'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $267.99 / month$247.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    12' x 20'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $305.99 / month$285.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 25'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $316.99 / month$296.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    20' x 20'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $474.99 / month$449.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    18' x 29'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $420.99 / month$395.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 18 ft LOnly 1 left
    $82.99 / month$69.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store


    It was great! Thank you


    Easy Access

    "this is the first time we have needed a storage unit, it is easy access and have had no problems with entry etc. The unit was very clean"



    "This was my first time using a storage unit and I was wary at first because I wasn't sure how it worked and I was afraid it would be too expensive. Their location on Wonderland Road in London is convenient and the staff that work there are great! They were very friendly and knowledgeable and they made the process quick and easy. Jason, the young man that helped me, was kind enough to stay late and give me a tour, ensuring I knew where everything was and made sure I got the most space for my money (even getting me the first month free!) He provided me with fantastic customer service! The facility was always clean, secure and well taken care of, which was reassuring. Overall, I had an extremely positive experience! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone and if I ever have to use their services again, you can guarantee I will be going back to StorageMart :)"


    A perfect storage experience

    "We suddenly required a lot of storage at very short notice and the team at Storage Mart were extremely helpful and efficient in providing everything we needed. The actual location is kept very clean with great indoor loading areas, and the whole place is totally secure with keypad gate access etc. I would definitely use them again should the need arise and will happily recommend them to anyone requiring a storage solution. Fantastic service, thank you!"


    Great Service

    I was welcomed like I was an old friend. I was helped picking the right size that I needed. However I was surprised that you don't have auto withdrawal from the bank. That is very inconvenient for me as I don't have a car.


    Perfect solution for our storage problem

    When transitioning from a condo out of town to new accomodations in London we had a gap in occupancy dates to fill. We found the perfect sized unit to store all of our belongings in a clean climate controlled facility. Everything has gone smoothly so far.


    Well lit and secure.

    Everything is so well lit. If you choose indoor storage you drive right inside out if the weather. Premises are extremely clean. Staff is very pleasant and helpful.


    Good service and easy to set up.

    Storage Mart has been a good place to store my belongings. They have fair prices and easy to set up. Access is 24hrs and easy to get to my unit.


    Great service

    Great customer service, great price, clean, and easy to get to. It's perfect for me.


    Pleased with staff and facility

    Only query was why one storage area was free for April, but the other one-- same size was only 50% off??? I had trouble getting my head around that!


    overall great

    the associate I worked with was excellent. He knew his stuff. The rates were competitive. The location was great and the unit is clean. When I went to put my stuff in the unit for the first time though they had forgotten to take off the company lock on my unit and so thank goodness it was during business hours or I would have been standing there with all of my stuff and not been able to get into my own unit that I had already paid for. It was a mistake but other than that my experience was excellent.


    expensive but worth it!

    I am very pleased with my experience, the only negative thing I can say is about the other tenants, Don't be a pig, take your garbage with you.


    Awesome experience beginning to end!

    I called several storage companies. It was surprising the differences in prices, policies and customer service experiences. I picked StorageMart for a couple of reasons. I had dropped by to pick up paper and bubble wrap the store was clean, the staff receptive and engaging. Had to go back and buy more and again same experience different people. When I called for details the CS representative was informative in helping me to figure out the size of unit I needed. The day of the move they made the process easy. When we entered the area where the units were it was clean and the unit its self was great. Wow after all the work with the move this was the easiest part. Thank you Jason for all the help on the day of the move.


    Clean, very accessible, convenient.

    Friendly staff , indoor or outdoor storage... Love that! Always clean - accessible anytime ...convenient location !!


    Easy booking process, fantastic storing facility!!

    This was the most efficient and easy process for booking a storage unit. The booking agent, Jason, was friendly and extremely helpful. The drive-up storage unit that I rented is clean, right-sized, secure, and accessible at any hour of the day or night. StorageMart has even thought to have available a variety of packing supplies, boxes, bubble wrap, and tape so that I could easily buy what I need to make my packing and storing an easy project. I would highly recommend StorageMart to anyone who needs a storage solution.


    Storage Mart was easy to deal with, provided full information and options, and have clean, secure starage units at reasonable prices.

    If you have stuff to store, Storage Mart is an excellent business to use.


    Great--would use again if needed.

    Clean easy to access. Good security.


    awesome place to store all or anything you need to

    this is now the second time i have used your storage in the last 6months. i would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to store stuff. you have the best rates in town,,i talked my mother inlaw into switching starage facilities cuz she was paying to much for her other one so now she is using Storage Mart and saving her alot of money.. the staff is friendly and very helpful with any question or matter that happens to arise.


    Excellent clean facility and great customer service

    Clean indoor storage with secure access





    Welcome with a Big Smile

    when we enter the main door there was a young gentleman with a big smile. he treated us as if we were old friends and did not waist any time before we were on a tour of the storage area. he was very helpful in showing us what would meet our needs. Needless to say we booked the same day and left with confidence that we made the right decision. Lew and Pat Cole


    very friendly people

    my first visit to StorageMart was a very friendly, helpful & informative stop when I was checking out the facility and prompted me to sign up. They have everything I need.


    A good value and professionally run operation.

    Manager Jason was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. Did not see why insurance is required on stored items. It seems to me that if client is willing to take the risk of going w/o insurance then what's the problem?


    StorageMart is like my Big back closet!

    My units huge but I find I have the need to create a shelving unit so that I am more organized. I am pleased that I got a unit close to the elevator, so that I don't have to go so far with my storage bins and furniture. I wish I could have set up a payment plan that I could pay from my bank when I get payed that is the only issue I have encountered and am able to work around it.


    its agreat way to store your best stuff in a clean inviroment

    I just love the way I can drive inside in a clean building . and a very safe way to store my price posessions. and the price is right.

  5. 5 Adelaide St N
    StorageMart storage facility at 665 Adelaide St N in London, ON
    We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 665 Adelaide St N in London, ON
    We offer multiple outdoor storage unit options at our facility at 665 Adelaide St N in London, ON
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 665 Adelaide St N in London, ON
    665 Adelaide St N
    London, ON N5Y 5P4
    See all 26 reviews
    5' x 5'Only 1 left
    $83.99 / month$71.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 9'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $141.99 / month$129.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $187.99 / month$175.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    6' x 10'Premium LocationOnly 1 left
    $125.99 / month$113.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Only 1 left
    $174.99 / month$159.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 14'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $210.99 / month$195.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    "Storage Mart - Pall Mall St. London, On"

    I find the staff at storageMart very helpful. In no time at all I had the information I needed as well as a storage locker Thank you.


    Easy to use

    Friendly staff Clean units Easy to access


    Great staff

    Lovely people who set us up. Very thorough information session. Very clean facility.


    Amazing customer service

    Dealt with the Thompson road location. Amazing customer experience. Very efficient and informative.


    Storage comment.

    "I think that I may have acquired unseeable fleas or mites from storage. I may be wrong about their origin, but I may be right. I feel as though I am being bitten most of the time. Every time that I put different clothing on it is worse. I have been spraying Raid into my furniture and clothing. Other than that the service was fine thanks. When I was told to take a picture of the access nos. card I thought ""Thanks, what a good idea."""


    Great friendly service.

    "I was warmly greeted on my arrival. Everything was clearly explained to me. My downgrade to a smaller unit was done immediately at my request. It all helped the daunting experience of downsizing feel more manageable. The manager was efficient, helpful and very welcoming. Great experience!"


    "Safe, Secure, Friendly"

    A very convenient place for me to store things. I have no worries about security and the people who work there are very friendly and accommodating!


    "I have not dealt with many storage outlets, because I started with StorageMart first. The employees who run my location are topnotch and I wouldn't want to have to go anywhere else."

    "Your needs will be looked after at StorageMart. Whatever has you looking for extra storage, work, moving, vehicle storage, etc. check out StorageMart...I have never been let down and have been at same facility for 8 years."


    Great Service

    "The women who run the storage unit are great women, and have been amazing"


    Helpful and gracious service!

    "During my recent move, I purchased packing supplies at the Adelaide and Pall Mall branch and I also required some short-term storage for boxes of paper destined to be shredded. I found the staff at this branch to be knowledgeable and very gracious."



    First time I have used storage other than with a large moving company. Everything went very smoothly and so much less expensive. Facilities are clean and the staff have been very helpful.



    it is an awesome place no hassle storage facility


    The service was very convenient and easy to use.

    The staff are friendly, and the facilities are great.


    I am a long-term renter and I have ALWAYS received excellent service from Beth at the London, Ontario location.

    Beth is always happy and cheerful and helpful. I have come back to her location three times now and have always received consistently excellent service.



    It was my first time renting a storage unit. They couldn't of been more helpful, understanding then they were. I would highly recommend them. Thank you for a great experience



    Very helpfull


    Excellent service

    Very helpful staff. Clean facility. It was a simple procedure to book storage unit.


    Short notice

    Great first meeting, clean storage area, lots of over the top service from Beth.


    No nonsense service

    Quick helpful clean Could have a light in unit


    Excellent customer service at London location

    Very helpful helping mr get a unit. Not the cheapest place in town but I think this was the best choice.


    Outstanding support from the management staff of StorageMart#3003

    The staff at Storage Mart #3003 is amazing! I have entrusted my possessions to their care since 2004 and they have never let me down. When there was a break-in and a flood, they informed me quickly and did all that was possible to help and reassure me. They provided exceptional service and I would recommend them to everyone.


    Great Prices

    Great Prices, Friendly and knowledgeable staff.



    The staff was very helpful and courteous,


    Storage Mart is AWESOME

    This is a company that truly care about not only their standards but for the community.


    Very easy, customer service was excellent and worked with me and my needs! Price was a little steep but they helped me with my budget!

    Very easy, customer service was excellent and worked with me and my needs! Price was a little steep but they helped me with my budget!


    They were friendly and explained everything I needed to know.

    The girls were friendly and welcoming. They showed me two units to chose from. Because I have a problem walking distances they took me to the unit I chose to rent, on a golf cart. They explained the details for renting and if I have any problems to call them and they would work with me to help. The units and hallways are kept clean and there was no debris. I also was given a discount special on my first months rent. I would recommend them to others Thank you for your help.


    Great Service!!

    We had a great service at StorageMart on Adelaide in London. I would certainly recommend to my friends and family. Thank you Grace and Beth for you assistance and great service!


    London North Storage Mart

    The Adelaide St, London storage mart has helpful staff, and is well located. Units are clean and capacious (some are airconditioned, others not). It would be nice if one could go directly to the site online, rather than going through the central organization, to make the booking. I'd suggest going to the site directly if you need a unit, rather than doing it online.


    Service has been GREAT !!

    Set up was fast and efficient. Storage area was very clean. Easy access.


    Little expensive but totally worth it

    Great staff, tons of options, awesome service


    No complaints so far, but have only just checked in.

    They were very welcoming for checking me in and signing papers. The sliding lock on my unit door is quite rusty, I'm not sure if they have fixed it because I haven't been back. Prices seem reasonable for what I'm using it for (3 bedroom apt. storage).


    Be Smart go to StorageMart

    You know if you have things and goods that need to be stored Sorage Mart is your best bet. Clean premises , climate control, convenient open hours, and above all staff that will help you find the best solution to your storage needs. Beth and Grace are knowledgeable, they always know what they have available and the deal is done in minutes. Also you can pay with a credit card automatically every month , no worry. and you get the first month FREE . I have been a customer three times over the year and always go back when I need.


    Excellent service

    Fast, friendly service got me in a unit promptly. The moving supplies are conveniently available to purchase. Lots of unit options made it easy to find the best size.



    The storage unit is the perfect size and location to our business. Staff at this Starage Mart were very polite and helpfull. You would be our first choice for future starage needs.


    Great customer service

    I had needed a space almost urgently and the ladies working at my location were great. Although I did not shop around I had a great experience and they were very helpful for the needs I had. Thanks again


    Great Service

    Our experience with Storagemart was all positive.



    "This is the first time I have used this type of service. I did ""my homework"" in terms of comparisons / pricing etc. - found that some facilities were awful and many of the staff dis-interested to say the least. Here - Not only was the pricing competitive but the facility was clean and well cared for - so I felt safe knowing that my possessions would be fine there. However the real difference was the people - I was treated with respect and courtesy and informed properly. The very hands on friendly service that followed made my experience all the more pleasurable. A great place to do business with great people. I look forward to continuing the relationship."


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