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Why choose StorageMart?

  • You’re not locked in.

    Whatever works for you. One week or one year, StorageMart requires no long-term contract.

  • Save everytime.

    With no deposits, affordable rent, and free month specials, we’re dedicated to saving you money.

  • You’re in control.

    No commitments. You’re free to change unit sizes and check-in dates to fit your needs.

Top Storage Features in Miami

Wide Selection

We know your needs are unique - that's why we offer a wide selection of units.

Well-Lit & Clean

We pride ourselves on providing a clean, well-lit, and welcoming environment.

Loading Bays

Covered loading bays keep you out of the elements when loading items into your unit.

Temp Controlled

Our storage units are climate controlled, which keeps them at a neutral temperature.

Storage Units Near Miami

  1. 1 SW 2nd Ave
    Find a self storage unit at StorageMart, located at 640 SW 2nd Ave in Miami, FL
    StorageMart 2nd Ave Miami indoor storage
    Loading bays make it easier to get items to and from your storage unit at our facility at 640 SW 2nd Ave in Miami, FL
    Picture of StorageMart's facility at 640 SW 2nd Ave in Miami, FL
    StorageMart storage facility at 640 SW 2nd Ave in Miami, FL
    640 SW 2nd Ave
    Miami, FL 33130
    See all 7 reviews
    5' x 5'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $79.99 / month$67.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 7'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $103.99 / month$91.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Climate Control
    $80.99 / month$68.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 15'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $176.99 / month$164.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $193.99 / month$178.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    Let me tell you...

    "Have you ever been completely shocked about an experience you've had? That's exactly what happened to me with StorageMart. First off, Uhaul storage and other big storage companies are a pain in the butt. The service (or lack thereof) and the condition of the property is shameful. The prices are outrageous with Uhaul here in Miami. So, when I stumbled into StorageMart expecting rude hostile staff and inconvenience in layout (meaning I have to walk up stairs and 20 feet to get to my locker), I was blown away! This place is awesome. The staff was friendly, they had all of my info from online ready for me to sign and be on my way. The elevators are large, quiet, secure, and extremely convenient. This place is amazing and I feel so lucky to have this place. Its perfect for me and I am hard to please. Do yourself a favor, if you need a storage unit, do not waste your time with uhaul or any other place. I love this place and I will advocate for properly operating companies such as StorageMart."


    Francis Fornino

    Excelent os The best


    Change the Access Hours!

    "The only thing I would change, is the access hours... Sometimes 7am isn't early enough and 8pm is to early..."


    Great customer service!

    They took care of my needs for space right away and gave me a very fair price!


    Great experience

    "Pretty simple...easy online reservation to start, friendly helpful team on site, clean and functional storage. Why not 5 stars? The unit at the price i reserved required a change of elevator. So I took a different easier to access uni which cost $20 more per month."


    Great Place

    "StorageMart located in Brickell, FL is a very nice spot and convenient to the area. My only complaint is the hours, wishing that it went a little later on weeknights for those with jobs. Other than that, nothing else."


    Great experience

    I had absolutely no problems. Staff was excellent and friendly. Great experience!


    Excellent Option, Unusually Nice and Polite Manager

    Exceptionally nice and polite manager (Ivan) made this the best storage experience I've had. Highly recommended.


    Smooth Experience

    No complications. Was a little disappointed that I was not made aware that half of the 'small' units are elevated. I had to raise numerous heavy bags approximately 3ft. in the air which complicated the move-in. Other than that, the staff were friendly and it was a pretty smooth process.


    All is great till you come to the price

    The units are well lit, fumigated and air conditioned, no complaints but every year the price climbs till you can no longer afford to keep it.


    Profecionals at Storage Mart are overachievers of Excellece.

    From our first call to our visit to the facility and the presentation of the contract we received excellence on service . Congratulations! Thank you,


    Asked to review after 2 days!?

    7am-8pm access. Spacious. Clean. Slightly more expensive but recommended.


    false advertising: no 24 hour access

    the website states 24 hour access available upon request but that is not true. otherwise fine.


    Helpful and attentive staff makes storage very easy

    Our experience at StorageMart is that their staff has made easy to store by the ways of being attentive and helpful. The place is clean and organize. We are very happy with it.

  2. 2 NW 7th Street
    We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 4920 NW 7th St in Miami, FL
    StorageMart storage facility at 4920 NW 7th St in Miami, FL
    Find a self storage unit at StorageMart, located at 4920 NW 7th St in Miami, FL
    Picture of StorageMart's facility at 4920 NW 7th St in Miami, FL
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 4920 NW 7th St in Miami, FL
    4920 NW 7th St
    Miami, FL 33126
    See all 7 reviews
    5' x 5'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $62.99 / month$50.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Climate Control
    $93.99 / month$81.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Climate Control
    $137.99 / month$122.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $250.99 / month$235.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    8' x 19'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $198.99 / month$178.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 30'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $410.99 / month$390.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    It's perfect

    This storage it's perfect the conditions the prices and the workers are the best you fell there like in your own place I recommend it



    "Gila showed me the space , explain very clearly how thing work at storage mart and what are the regulation , everything was done in the most professional way , she convince me to rent it and followup with me after i move inn best service i got in miami in a log time"


    Good company

    "The storage place has a good location, convenient parking, dollies to carry the boxes, etc. and best of all, the staff is friendly and professional. Thank you for caring."


    Very Satisfied

    "Great place to check out when moving , Customer service was great , Easy process & Very friendly staff."


    Storage Mart

    "Well, in first place I want to say that the customer service is awesome, from the very moment I entered the storage I was gently helped by the employees. I believe they have a great customer service."



    The service 100%


    Great service

    All employees are very attentive to customer's needs Highly recommended


    Clean and friendly staff

    Staff has been the friendliest around from helping me other the phone to rent a space all the way to showing me my unit and how to get it. This location also looks spotless. No complaints anywhere


    StorageMart Does Well

    Our experience at Storage Mart so far has been satisfactory. Hector has done a great job at getting us signed up and moved in. We found our unit clean, albeit not too conveniently located, and we were able to get all our goods moved in with very little trouble. The one negative we have found so far is the cost. We moved here from Lady Lake where we have a storage unit that is 4 times as big as this one at only $25.00 over the cost of this one. But, bottom line, we are happy to have this storage unit.


    Awesome location with great staff and service

    They got me setup right way when i needed to find place too store alot of items in a short time frame. Also i was a little short on cash and they found some small units to fit my budget on hand. Thank you!!!


    All are very courteous and helpful!

    They all, and especially Victor, have worked with us to help us get what is more convenient. The facility is clean and neat and would recommend to anyone! You should give them all a raise!


    I was given Excellent and Courteous and Prompt Service.

    My experience with Storage Mart was very good in all aspects. I was treated as a important Client and given quick and courteous service. I would recommend Storage Mart to anyone who needs this type of service. I know they will be treated with the upmost respect as a Customer as well as a Person.


    A storage place that makes you feel like family.

    Great service will recommend to friends great customer service.


    the best

    really can't say anything negative everybody was very professional and friendly

  3. 3 SW 40th Street
    Picture of StorageMart's facility at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    StorageMart storage facility at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    Get peace of mind with gated keypad entry for our storage facility at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    StorageMart SW 40th St Miam drive up units
    We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    Find a self storage unit at StorageMart, located at 9925 SW 40th St in Miami, FL
    9925 SW 40th St
    Miami, FL 33165
    See all 27 reviews
    5' x 5'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $73.99 / month$61.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Climate ControlOnly 2 left
    $101.99 / month$89.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 15'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $147.99 / month$135.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 9'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $190.99 / month$175.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Climate Control
    $158.99 / month$143.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 14'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $239.99 / month$224.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Climate ControlOnly 2 left
    $218.99 / month$203.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Climate ControlOnly 2 left
    $329.99 / month$309.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 25'Climate ControlOnly 1 left
    $324.99 / month$304.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    13' x 20'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $361.99 / month$341.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    30' x 10'Climate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $407.99 / month$387.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    nice facility

    Very easy to access storage



    "Customer service was excellent. All staff was extremely courteous and efficient in helping me find a unit. I do wish the carts could be available after 6pm, and that the gates stayed open past 9pm, but I cannot complain. Very friendly."



    "The employees are very friendly and helpful, they did explain to me every aspect of the facility. The building is in a very good shape, clean and organized. Whenever I need something they are there to help."


    As it should be

    "This place was great! Super honest, straightforward, and reliable people. The place itself is clean and gated which is nice and the employees are there to help you the best that they can."


    Great Storage Company

    The service was pretty good, and the employees were very knowledgeable and attentive.



    Ray the store manager and the store employee are the true customer service personal of the year truly are great. I would recommend this storage store to all of my friends and family. The only thing I would recommends is to find a way to leave 2 carts unlock or find a system that would unlock it by leave your credential or credit card information after hours, because its tuff bringing up stuff or bringing down stuff. Thank You.


    still moving in slowly but surely

    we are very happy so far with your storage convenience. thank you very much.



    place is clean and staff is friendly and very helpful


    Everything went smoothly

    It is secure, air conditioned and reception was professional and helpful. Not difficult to get to. I am very satisfied.


    Nice facility and staff

    easy easy easy!


    I would recommend this company

    Excellent storage.


    Great customer service

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you. You made moving so easy


    Like having an extra room in your home

    I had a wonderful experience with storage mart. Ray went above and beyond to make the move in easy and comfortable for me. And subsequent trips to the mart have been equally smooth. It's like having an extra room for your home.


    Nice, Clean and very accesable!

    Some of the employees there don't seam to like their jobs much but the facility is indeed clean and easily accesable. I really like the covered loading and unloading area infront of the elevator whitch make it possible to get in and out with out worrying about weather conditions.


    Rey, the Manager and his team are great!

    I had a few questions and needed to get help with some things. They accommodated me cheerfully. Reservations were a breeze. I appreciated the month to month rental feature. Thanks everyone.



    The people inside the storage are friendly and aweson


    Staff went above and beyond to insure that our bicycles weren't stolen!

    everyone i death with (from the phone rep….to the manager of the store) was incredibly helpful. when we arrived with our trailer to park he went above and beyond to give us a spot to use that would be easiest for us to park in with minimal maneuvering. after we left the lot we got a phone call. he was concerned for the safety of our bicycles since they were locked to themselves but not the trailer. he personally removed them and locked them safety away from us (not an easy task to get them off the rack when they were locked together!!!) but he did this and then called to let us know that he had secured them. amazing!



    The attention was excellent


    Quick, Fast, and Easy!

    I was in the need of a new storage unit and was recommended by corporate to talk to Ray. Ray did a wonderful job in assisting all my needs. I have gotten everything I was looking for with a friendly attitude.


    Great Service!

    The woman who helped me was great. She was very informative and extremely pleasant. She was also efficient and had me set up in minutes. The storage unit was also super clean as was the entire property.


    This place and the staff makes you feel like at home.

    Ray was very professional and helpful in finding a good storage spot and he was quick on all the paper work involved in registering a storage spot, Thank you.

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