Self Storage Locations in Toronto, ON

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StorageMart offers clean and bright self storage in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We’re the GTA’s largest self storage provider and nearby to serve you right in your neighbourhood. Our convenient Canadian self storage locations offer residents, students, businesses, and the hopeful entrepreneur a variety of sizes and types of self storage units that fit your individual needs. We know that your treasures are important, and provide you peace of mind in storing your items at our fenced, gated storage community with video surveillance throughout the property.

Top Storage Features in Toronto

24-hour Access

With 24 hour access businesses and residents have access when it fits in their schedules.


Our friendly staff is on hand to answer any questions you have about self storage or StorageMart.


Our facilities are clean and well maintained offering a welcoming environemnt for you and your belongings.

Video Cameras

24 hour video camera equipment record the property as a great amenity for the facility.

First Month Free*

Get a full free month of storage when you rent today. We know moving can be expensive, so we require No Deposit and have month-to-month leasing.


Save Time. Rent Online.

Storage unit availability is limited, but you can find exactly the space you need and lock-in your online discount in less than 5 minutes. It’s quick and easy.


Storage Units Near Toronto

  1. 1 Todd Baylis Blvd
    3013 StorageMart Toronto Todd Baylis
    221 Todd Baylis Blvd
    York, ON M6M 0A7
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    3' x 3' x 4'Small UnitsClimate ControlLocker
    $$18.99$$6.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$102.99$$90.99First Month FREE
    10' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$144.99$$132.99First Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$174.99$$162.99First Month FREE
    9' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$195.99$$180.99First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$208.99$$193.99First Month FREE
    10' x 14'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$267.99$$252.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$264.99$$249.99First Month FREE
    11' x 15'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$324.99$$304.99First Month FREE
    9' x 20'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$312.99$$292.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 19'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$393.99$$373.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$381.99$$361.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 21'Large UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$369.99$$349.99First Month FREE
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    very helpful

    Nice and clean


    The workers is very respectfull, very Professional, helpfull and friendly.

    I find I can trust workers. I like the way how they make you feel special.Its like you storing things in your own home. Nothing is hidden you know exactly where you stand.


    Outstanding staff!

    Staff are very polite, professional and efficient . Premises well maintained.


    Not all Storage Marts are the same!

    I have been a customer at four different Storage Marts in Toronto. At all but one I have experienced excellent service, professionalism and very clean premises. However at the Todd Bayliss and Black Creek location, things are a little different... Only one cart, yes, ONE CART is there to service all who come to that particular storage facility. So therefore, if you have heavy furniture, you have to wait around for that one cart. This waiting can take the better part of an hour. Secondly, the main entrance to the building where the elevators are, has a slight incline, which means you really have to push hard to get that cart through the doors. Since the doors do not open quickly enough with the automatic sensor while pushing heavy items up that little incline, you then have to wait until the sliding doors open. It is not an easy way to move things in and out. There is often small amounts of trash and leftover items hanging about in the hallways and they are not cleaned up right away. I would not recommend this particular site to anyone but there are many other Storage Mart sites and the other three I have stayed at were just great!!


    Friendly and helpful

    The person with whom I was dealing was so friendly and helpful. The quality of service was excellent. I would recommend Storage Mart to anyone who needs a place to store their goods.


    Excellent staff made a good experienece into a great experience.

    I was pleased with the overall environment at your Todd Baylis location, it was very clean and well kept. It was past experiences with using Storage Mart that brought me back there, however, it is this most recent experience that has me recommending your facilities to others. It was the exceptional customer service I received when in the customer care of your associate Jasmin (3013). Jasmin is such a pleasure to deal with, she has a very warm and welcoming attitude, combined with knowledge of products and a well rounded understanding of what makes customers experiences enjoyable. Well done Jasmin!


    Fast, professional and no surprises

    We needed a large, secure storage locker for our belongings between moves. I found Storage Mart online and with one quick call to the toll free number, had what I wanted reserved. We went to check it out, found it to be just what we wanted. We dealt with Shanique, the store manager who was excellent to deal with. Highly recommend.


    Simple, straightforward

    Storagemart is great: clear online information and picture. Staff were very helpful with finding the unit, explaining unloading tips, and doing the paperwork. An effortless experience!


    Safe storage

    The staff is friendly and helpful. I found the access easy to use. My storage area is easy to find with good access.


    Quick, Easy and Cheap

    I had a very pleasant experience when checking in to my storage space. The woman working was very organized and helpful and accommodated my needs without any hesitation. I would recommend Storage Mart at 221 Todd Baylis Blvd to anyone looking for a safe and cost effective place to store their things.


    Amazing staff

    I found the staff to be very polite , helpful when it came time to pick a unit . Overall very pleasant experience


    The place for all your storage needs

    I had a very pleasant experience with storage mart. The day i was to move my things in to my storage unit was the day the power was out in toronto. I was greated at the location by a staff member that informed us of another location i would be able to go to and get a unit to put my itmes in. This location was close by. I was able to get a refund for the original unit as well as a discount. The satff went out of their way to insure i was happy with the unit and the unit suited my needs.


    Outstanding customer service and best price in the market !!!!!

    I was investigating storage options with 3 providers - by a country mile STORAGE MART outperformed in customer service, pricing and options. The place was clean and secure. The Property Manager was extremely professional, attentive to my questions and very knowledgeable. I will be returning and have no reservations referring others to Storage Mart - specficially the Todd Baylis location. Others make storage complicated, StorageMart simplifies the entire process. Well done!!


    READ your insurance coverage

    I find the facility very clean, safe and the staff very helpful and kind. My criticism is focussed on the monthly insurance charge. The coverage that we are required to buy appears to apply only if the landlord is negligent or otherwise would be legally liable in any case. If, for example, some unknown person burned the facility down, there would be no cover for you. Nevertheless, we are to be charged $10/month, or $120/year, for a maximum of $2500 coverage. What is interesting is that StorageMart doesn’t give you the option of not paying for this limited coverage (you are essentially paying for their own legal liability insurance) unless you arrange some separate coverage yourself and provide proof. Most people don’t take the trouble to check this out..make sure that you do. Getting 2500.00 of coverage is much cheaper through a rider on your home/apt policy. I did and it was about 35.00 for the year rather than 120.00.

  2. 2 Trethewey Drive
    3014 StorageMart Toronto Trethewey
    555 Trethewey Dr
    North York, ON M6M 4B8
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    5' x 5' x 3'Small UnitsHeatedLockerOnly 2 left
    $$41.99$$29.99First Month FREE
    5' x 8'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$111.99$$99.99First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsHeated
    $$122.99$$110.99First Month FREE
    8' x 10'Small UnitsHeated
    $$163.99$$151.99First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeated
    $$193.99$$178.99First Month FREE
    10' x 12'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$224.99$$209.99First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$293.99$$278.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$349.99$$329.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$371.99$$351.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    20' x 15'Large UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$435.99$$415.99First Month FREE
    10' x 30'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$543.99$$523.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParking
    $$122.99$$109.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    38' FtParking
    $$182.99$$169.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
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    Pretty satisfactory for what you pay

    The storage units are decently priced and their customer service is quite friendly.



    I like the person that help I will always tell someone about that storage mart


    Fast, courteous, helpful

    Was a great experience right from the starting phone call that everything I was told on the phone about space availability, price, access actually was 100% true when I reserved in person. Staff very helpful in explaining double security pass code system and locker building very clean, well lit as well as the storage space itself. Can't ask for anything more.


    Clean, pretty easy going

    Reasonably inexpensive for a city location. No lights in the unit, and an electric outlet so far away you wouldn't likely have an extension cord that long. So I guess you'd better not try to go in at night.


    Storage Experience Canada

    The staff at my storage facility are very dedicated and hard working. A basic line from me to say that Storage Mart has hired the right people to make things work. Business is a daily maintenance and repair and this group does it well. Rent with confidence.



    Is the best choice that we make is very clean and spacious we fit everything in. prices are very good.


    Great customer service!

    I'm very pleased with the services I've received recently from Storage Mart. This includes replacing a lock on my unit. I had misplaced my keys during the hassle of moving stuff into my unit. Storage Mart was very helpful. Ever since, all is well and I'm very satisfied with the services at Storage Mart.


    Feeling good about things.

    My initial contact was via telephone, with the Office manager (Nichole), and she was very helpful and knowledgeable. There were a few hiccups during the initial process of setting up this rental. But the staff have reached out and made a huge effort to make sure things were to my satisfaction. Thank you to the staff.


    Why do I like StorageMart

    An excellent Welcome at the office. Curtious and kind staff with excellent people skills. Taking the neccesary extra time to make sure we understand the policies and contract nuances for the client. I certainly would recommend my friends... Thank You... C.B.


    very understanding

    thanks a lot! made my moving experience affordable.


    Vey good SERVECES and very fast than you

    Very happy and satisfied

  3. 3 Wicksteed Ave, East York
    3015 StorageMart Toronto Wicksteed
    120 Wicksteed Ave
    East York, ON M4G 4K7
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    3' x 3' x 3'Small UnitsClimate ControlLockerOnly 1 left
    $$29.99$$17.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$121.99$$109.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$169.99$$157.99First Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$241.99$$229.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    7' x 14'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$303.99$$288.99First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate Control
    $$314.99$$299.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$427.99$$412.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 16'Large UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$519.99$$499.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    100% experience across the board

    Great experience Friendly and helpful staff Clean and well kept facility Peace of mind regarding stored possessions


    Efficient and clean

    Very satisfied with the facility and service


    great experience

    Very friendly, helpful staff. I had a great experience and the facilities are very clean. I would definitely recommend this place to others.


    competitive pricing and fantastic customer service

    I had made a reservation through their online website and received a call shortly after with a confirmation and an offer for a better unit for reasonable rate. The transaction was smooth, concise and professionally handled. On move in day, things did not go according to plan with my mover, and thankfully two customer reps at the office were kind enough to stay a bit past closing in order to make sure I had my unit. Despite me intruding on their schedule, they were kind, patient and made sure that I understood all the details about my unit. I have never received better service with any other storage company. I have been dealing with a popular competitor for the past couple of instances I needed a unit and decided to give StorageMart a shot as it was close by. The facility's security, accessibility, and cleanliness completely blew my previous storage company out of the water. I had such a great experience with StorageMart that I won't think of using another company again!


    Outstanding experience in every way!

    Courteous, friendly and helpful management and staff. Perfectly clean lockers and general areas. Ease of entry and exit. Totally secure. Competitive prices. Can't ask for anything more.


    Fantastic service!

    It has been a pleasure dealing with the staff at Storage Mart. They moved me in right away. They knew about all the ins and outs of their service and I was sure I was getting the best price around. I'm glad I decided to store my things with them, I'm not sure I would have gotten as fair a deal anywhere else. Thanks guys!


    Highly recommended

    Great rates/promotions, clean space, 24/7 accessible. Only minus is lack of roof over unloading/loading area (sucks when it's raining)


    local staff superior

    I have appreciated my experience with Storage Mart. The building was clean and fresh at all times. The management treatment was excellent and they constantly gave me a good rate because of my retirement situation. I was very happy with Storage Mart. Thank you Daryl, Stephanie and Maris. You are all lovely people.


    clean, easy access!

    I'm very happy with StorageMart, and the level of service and access to my storage unit. It's extremely well maintained, and there's always a cart available to load new items into my unit.


    Excellent Experience

    From day one onwards all my dealings with StorageMart staff has been exceptional. A huge kudos to a company who really knows how to provide customer service..... Thank you!


    First class storage facilities in Toronto

    Easy to deal with & helpful staff.



    I am so happy that I found StorageMart.( A friend of my recommended the company.)From the moment I met Maris, I knew it was a perfect fit. How lucky is StorgeMart to have her as an employee!!! Her Customer Service, is what Customer Service should be, but, unfortunately does not exist anymore.The location is clean and bright, which is very important to me. I know going to this StorageMart location in Toronto was the right move for my storage needs.


    Storage Mart is excellent

    I've rented with them before, and always find the experience to be an easy, efficient one. No problems once again.


    First class experience

    I only needed a small locker for a few months but my experience with the staff and the facility at 120 Wicksteed Ave in Toronto was first class -- friendly, helpful and efficient all the way!


    The best place for all your storage needs

    Excellent customer service, very competitive rates, extremely clean and very secure facility. Would definitely recommend StorageMart to anyone looking for either short or long term storage solutions.


    Great facility, great staff!

    I really really loved the staff there not only were they great with us but they were so polite and proffessional with EACH OTHER. Seemed like a great place to work. The place was clean and secure, with 24 hour access which was great. My only problem was the price for my small unit seemed high. However, it is comparable to most storage places.


    Storage in Leaside, Toronto

    Clean, well organized, staff kind and professional.


    Excellent service

    Helpful, polite, professional, human, responsive. Highly recommended.


    Clean, safe, secure and convenient! Everything you'd want in a storage facility!

    The facility is conveniently located for anyone in Leaside. It's open 24/7 to accommodate varying needs. It's clean and temperature controlled. So far, I'm very pleased!


    Very clean facility, friendly staff, and state of the art security.

    I was very impressed with this place. Temperature controlled facility, spotless clean, and security cameras throughout so I know my stuff is safe. Staff were very nice and accommodating. It's a good feeling to know my things are safely stored away until I need them.


    The staff I delt with was very curtious and professional.

    The only two things I found that I didn't like was being forced into buying insurance and the rental fee after the first month were, in my opinion a little to steep.


    I was impressed with the set up of the facility, security and its cleanliness, as well, I was extremely impressed with the knowledgable and helpful staff.

    StorageMart's facility is clean, climate controlled and well lit. I felt very secure in storing my personal belongings there as well as attending on site at various intervals. I was very impressed upon my first visit with the person who set up my account, leased me my space as well as the very thorough walk through of the terms, conditions and procedures of the facility while at the same time being friendly and professional. Overall, the staff really impressed me and if I am ever in need of a storage facility again I would definately use StorageMart.


    Friendly staff and a well equipped, clean and comfortable establishment.

    StorageMart is a great place to store your valuables. The building is secure, climate-controlled, and accessible 24 hours a day. The staff are friendly and courteous, and the rental costs are decent too. I would recommend this place to friends and family.


    Very easy to do business with and a great facility!

    We were treated quite well when we came in to set our storage agreement and it was all very thorough and professional!


    Good Service - Friendly Staff

    Great folks there - very friendly and helpful. Would recommend


    They offer an efficient and straightforward process close to home.

    The sales representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. The storage space was clean and palettes had been placed to lift my belongings slightly off the floor in an area that had been damp. There are always lots of dollies available, and access is always permitted.


    Storage Mart is an all-inclusive experience

    I was handled quickly,given a tour ,the costs explained clearly, and given a first month and product discount-very efficient and friendly-John Weir


    great service!

    The staff at Wicksteed are very helpful and go out of their way to be accommodating. Thanks!


    Excellent facility and friendly staff.

    I was looking for a short term 5 by 10 locker to store some extra boxes and furniture so that our condo could be better staged for an upcoming sale. The facility is new and well cared for. All units have easy access and elevators are readily available for units on higher floors.


    Fast service, great storage

    I was in and out in 30 minutes having viewed several sized storage unit options and selected the one I needed. The manager handled all the paperwork and had me set up, with entry codes etc, in short order.


    Clean, secure. Friendly staff.

    Staff were quick and helpful getting our unit set up. No wasted time. Building is clean, well lighted with lots of carts. Good supply of boxes and other supplies at competitive prices.


    Comprehensive courteous service

    We just rented a storage space once again from Storage Mart. Their storage location on Wickstead in East York is easily accessible (7/24 access), clean and well laid out. The staff is knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. This is my third time renting here and would rent again if I needed temporary or long-term storage space.


    Very professional and personable young woman helped me out.

    I am a senior and (sometimes, not all of the time !!) I need a little extra explanation This young woman was professional, personable and kind. The unit looked clean and well looked after


    The ladies from the front desk are very costume service focus who gave me clear explanation about my storage needs and rules.

    A simple word.......great on all aspects.



    Stephine is great! at the Toronto location 120 weedstickt! very helpfull great customer service. I was stressed out with whole moving stuff, but she made everything easy for me.... defintely refer this storage to everyone i know! Thanks Mila


    Friendly, helpful and courteous

    I had a great experience, they were friendly, fast, helpful and knowledgable. They were able to provide lots of valuable information and made my move much smoother. I would recommend StorageMart to anyone.


    Totally professional polite and knowledgable

    Fantastic facility professional in all respects the rep I dealt with Misha was brilliant .


    The perfect closet... out of town

    Surprisingly large, very clean, extremely well run. Excellent staff. Easy to access. Truly the easiest and cheapest home extension one could ever wish for.


    Great personalized service

    Daryl worked with us to find the right unit and to step us through the process. The facility is clean, secure and well maintained. Fantastic!


    The easy and convenient part of moving.

    Thanks for your services. You made every step so easy and convenient.


    Clean, easy to get to

    Our storage unit is centrally located for us, the facility is clean and access is safe and convenient. My only gripe is that one of the elevators is continually out of order but I am hoping by the new year the part is in and it will be a thing of the past.


    Great installations... excellent service

    I was struggling in trying to find an storage place on a Sunday until I saw one of your adds on the street and I called the number. I do not remember the name of the gentlement who got my call but he told me he was going to try to find an store open on that day and return my call and so he did. He actually saved a lot of time for me and his service was excellent... he was calling me from Missuri that I remember. He told me to go to the store located at Laird and Eglinton in Toronto ON and the installations were excellent. Daryl was the person who showed us all the installations and his service was excellent and very professional as well. The price of the unit was great but what I likes the most was the falicity and the excellent service as mentioned before. I would definetly recomend this company to family and friends. Great job guys... 10/10 Julio Gomez


    Perfect timing

    I called storage mart. They gave me a great deal for one month: $25 plus tax. Perfect size perfect timing.

  4. 4 Weston Road, Woodbridge
    3017 StorageMart Woodbridge Weston
    8929 Weston Rd
    Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6
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    5' x 5'Small UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$127.99$$115.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$146.99$$134.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$247.99$$232.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$304.99$$289.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 19'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$338.99$$318.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 25'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$392.99$$372.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParking
    $$126.99$$113.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    23' FtParking
    $$192.99$$179.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    43' FtParkingOnly 1 left
    $$212.99$$199.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    48' FtParkingOnly 1 left
    $$222.99$$209.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    excellent and very convienient

    no complaints


    StorageMart Rocks

    Storage made easy. My daughter is moving home from university but will be leaving again in the fall, so we needed a place to store her belongings. The staff at storage mart were very helpful and helped me pick out the right sized unit for our needs. Easy to check in. Now all we have to do is move in!


    Great customer service.

    Staff were very helpful and courteous. They made sure I understood everything I needed to know and were expedient in getting all the paper work processed.


    fast and friendly service

    It was so easy to get the storage I needed, they were very helpful with showing me what they have available and they also helped me to get what size I needed.

  5. 5 Alden Road, Markham
    3018 StorageMart Markham Alden 1
    605 Alden Rd
    Markham, ON L3R 3L5
    See all 14 reviews
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$107.99$$95.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 7'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$117.99$$105.99First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$114.99$$102.99First Month FREE
    5' x 15'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$182.99$$170.99First Month FREE
    8' x 12'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$233.99$$218.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate Control
    $$198.99$$183.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$267.99$$252.99First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$288.99$$273.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    9' x 18'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$276.99$$256.99First Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    Excellent facilities, customer service and transaction

    A clean, secure, climate controlled environment, easily accessible with loading bay, carts, is a fantastic start. Friendly, professional, proficient staff are a welcome bonus. A smooth and efficient service, well explained and professional customer service, a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this for any of your personal or professional storage needs. And all at a reasonable, competitive rate, far less than the big names out there but with much better customer experience.


    Reasonable Rates!

    The staff are friendly. The location at Warden and 14th Ave is clean and tidy! Also gave me a first month free, with an already very competitive rate against other self storages around the area!!


    Outstanding service

    I had the most pleasent experience with Storage Mart. Extremely polite and helpful staff, very clean and well organized place. Excellent service for a more than affordable price


    good good good good

    good good good good


    Exactly as described.

    Water Ambassadors Canada is a humanitarian clean water provider for people in the developing world. As a charity we are mindful of being efficient with donor dollars..We needed to rent an inside space for water equipment and an out side space for our trailer. The units rented are exactly as described. The site is clean and well maintained. Staff friendly and helpful.


    Great safe storage

    I have had a unit in at Storage Mart for 1 1/2 yrs . first for my parents , then a larger unit to help during a downsizing. Well lit, always clean, and carts always available. East to access.


    Great customer service

    Great experience, clean accommodations , customer service was awesome and I have peace of mind that my belongings were safe. Easy to move into.


    Good, clean, easy.

    Friendly service, nice facilities.


    Storage Mart is a really good company

    I have used Storage Mart for six years now, and they have always been extremely helpful and I would highly recommend them.


    Price is good, convenient.

    Should be staring to try a space of rental .


    Accurate, simple and value added service was very welcoming.

    It is a difficult time for me, my life is in transition and I need a place to secure my sentimental valuables. Storage Mart is going to be an aid to help me through this period by offering me a stable place to store my belongings while I work out other aspects of my life. I am glad I picked this place for my needs. Convenient, easy access and secure.


    It was good, and acceptable treatment, with one minor observation.

    The person who helped me was polite and answered all my questions. I did ask for the same size unit closer to the elevator instead of 2832, which is at the very back on the second floor. I was told there were no other units available, which is strange to me for a storage location of this size. I would assume there were other spots due to all the yellow locks (vacant units). Otherwise, the experience was good. I will stay where I have been placed. Thank you for asking my opinion.


    Storage made easy!

    We are in the middle of moving so we needed a temporary spot to store some of our boxes. We looked everywhere but this place was very convenient and the prices with their current promotion of first month 99% off was really good. The person in charge of the place was really helpful and showed us every locker size we wanted to see. Once we got all signed up we were given a pass code so we can enter the gates and backway with the code. I actually thought getting lockers for storage were much more complicated but not at least not complicated from Storage Mart!


    Great value!

    Can't beat the convenience, location and price!

  6. 6 O'Connor Drive
    3021 StorageMart Toronto OConnor
    1776 O'Connor Drive
    Toronto, ON M4A 1W8
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    3' x 4'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$94.99$$82.99First Month FREE
    5' x 5'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$118.99$$106.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$156.99$$144.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 15'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$181.99$$169.99First Month FREE
    9' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$233.99$$218.99First Month FREE
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$241.99$$226.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 12'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$241.99$$226.99First Month FREE
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$279.99$$264.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 19'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$285.99$$265.99First Month FREE
    8' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$311.99$$291.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 18'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$384.99$$364.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$369.99$$349.99First Month FREE
    14' x 15'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$446.99$$426.99First Month FREE
    10' x 35'X-Large UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$524.99$$499.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    17' x 34'X-Large UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$854.99$$829.99First Month FREE
    20' x 35'X-Large UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$909.99$$884.99First Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    5 stars

    This place has the best customer service that I've experienced


    Very satisfied

    I have rented from this location and was very pleased the new manager Hamid is an excellent asset to the organized he was very helpful and pleasant to deal with I will certainly recommend your facility to everyone I know Del H


    Convenient and Clean

    The storage facility is very clean and a convenient location. Very secure with the use of security codes. Office staff are very helpful. Tamara was an amazing help when we were booking our units. Very professional and super nice!!


    clean facilities

    This is our first experience using a storage facility and we are finding the setup up here so easy for us. Great access and availability of dollies helps make our drop offs very easy.


    Friendly and professional service

    Staff were relaxed, friendly and helpful in setting up the paperwork for the rental unit. The service is very professional and that counts for a highly competitive business - much appreciated.


    Best and NO.1 in North America

    I like and very satisfied with storage mart;its have very good management;quality control ,security and very reliable for me.


    Excellent customer service by miss Tamara at your O'conner dr branch

    Aquiring a storage unit at storage mart was made easy and attainable by miss Tamara. Her outstanding customer service and professsionalism couldnt be ignored. She was very clear and polite when explaining storage options, with all pleasure she accompanied me to my stotage unit and also gave me thorough training to enter and exit the storage facility via my personal code. I felt comfortable and welcome as she gave me a tour of a very clean and well mentained storage facilty. Since my wonderful experience with miss Tamara I recommended storage mart to all my friends and relatives. Thanks to miss Tamara and Storage Mart for excellent customer service.


    Moving can be stressful

    The staff at 1776 O'Connor Dr. were very helpful and professional. They helped make a stressful day a little less stressful. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a storage solution.


    Great staff, very clean facility

    The staff are wonderful to deal with and the facility is always clean.


    Clean and Accessible

    247 Accessibility,secure, and Friendly staff.


    Strongly Recommended!

    The staff was both able to help me find a space quickly and easily, and then when my storage needs changed last minute they were very flexible about acommodating. Highly recommended. Good facilities and great staff. j


    Professional approach to a high priority situation

    "Moving day approached and I needed a breather with some possessions in order to move in to my new place without huge clutter. Tamara's approach to assessing my needs and advising on the right solution was professional and compassionate. I was able to place my possessions into a secure and climate controlled location in order to deal with the different categories of ""stuff"" in an orderly fashion. I'm almost done with the task and Storage Mart and Tamara made it a human process. Thanks to both of you."


    Clean, secure facility, verry helpful and professional staff!

    Best , experience I have ever had with a storage facility, the manager was super helpful finding me the space I needed, it was clean, dry and secure.


    A Very pleasant experience - exceptional service, clean and a good price.

    I would recommend Storage Mart to a friend specially the one on O'Connor. Hamid Hashmi was very helpful in accommodating all our storage needs. He was quick to respond (we were living in the US about to move back to Toronto), very helpful once on site, polite, knowledgable about his product / facilities and personable. Moving can be a very stressful experience specially one that involves a cross border move and then putting all of one's possessions in storage. Working with Hamid made this part of our moving experience less arduous and smooth. Thank you tara


    Great experience!

    Very helpful and accommodating.I would recommend using Storage Mart to my friends .


    Great customer service!

    I went to StorageMart because the location was good for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of customer service and the professional looking facility. The manager set the tone for the office and all the staff members were helpful and polite. Very satisfied with my experience at StorageMart.


    Totally satisfactory

    The short review above is sufficient.



    Very generous reps.


    So far so good with StorageMart

    I would say that I am just beginning to deal with StorageMart. My experience at the 1776 O'Connor Drive Toronto till now is pretty good. The general manager there is really nice and the lady in the office is pretty nice too. (Sorry, I do not remember her name.) Next time, I will ask. I would like to recommend this location to my friend for sure.


    So far so good!

    Just rented unit. Customer service great . Very casual but still professional.


    Friendly and Helpful

    I found the staff extremely friendly and helpful in setting up our storage unit. I like that the building is very clean and user friendly. This is our second time using StorageMart.


    The service and the people were beyond my expectations - a great customer experience

    From the first contact person when i called to the staff at the Storage Mart location this company is very professional and understands what customer service is all about. I would recommend and actually I already have to a couple of my friends that if they were looking for a storage space they should call Storage Mart.


    Wow! Storage Should Always Be This Easy!

    I was so impressed by the ease with which I could set up storage and the service I got when I arrived! Recommended!

  7. 7 Arrow Road
    3024 StorageMart Toronto Arrow
    81 Arrow Road
    North York, ON M9M 2L4
    See all 9 reviews
    3' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$73.99$$61.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$91.99$$79.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$131.99$$119.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 10'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$189.99$$177.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    9' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$194.99$$179.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$199.99$$184.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 14'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$289.99$$274.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    15' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$296.99$$281.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$278.99$$258.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$319.99$$299.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 24'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$349.99$$329.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParkingOnly 2 left
    $$112.99$$99.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store


    friendly staff and save place to have your belongings...100% happy customer


    Efficient and Professional

    I just rented a unit for my corporate and filing boxes. Files that i probably will never see again but must be maintained for atleast 15 years pursuant to our governing body requirements. I spoke to a representative of the facility and in a prompt, efficient and professional matter all of my concerns were looked after. Thank you


    5 star, Excellent

    Customer service was very good, I will recommend my friends or any one to use it at any time


    StorageMart is well organized!

    I was waiting for more 15 minutes at the receptionist desk though there were just two people in front of me, but when I was served, I was pleased with the efficient service! The unit is numbered not really in order, so it's quite confused to find. There should be more doors to access to the unit rows as it's quite a distance to move stuff if we are not lucky enough to have a unit in the middle as it's a huge storage. In general I really like StorageMart!


    the service was excellent

    The reception was fantastic and I was treated with great respect and couldn't be more happy.


    Maya @ Milton was very kind and courteous.

    Maya @ Milton was very kind and courteous.


    Great, quality service from people who understand your needs

    They take the time to show you what's available And give you affordable options to make sure your taken care of.


    The 5 star hotel for your things.

    The staff was friendly and professional. The place was neat and clean. Easy access and well protected.


    its more reasonable that the other storage around town

    the only problem i encounter is that not all the roofs are insulated , was surprise to know that the rooms outside are not insulated adn the other day i went there to get something out and my fingers were frozen beacause the froof is not insulated (which i think should be a must) i am so worried that my furniture will get damaged into the cold and that small amount of insurance could not compensate if my things got damaged, the insurance need to be raised to at least $5000

  8. 8 Don Mills Road
    3025 StorageMart Toronto Don Mills
    875 Don Mills Rd
    North York, ON M3C 1V9
    See all 20 reviews
    5' x 5'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$116.99$$104.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 9'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$158.99$$146.99First Month FREE
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate Control
    $$174.99$$162.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 13'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$215.99$$203.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    9' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$278.99$$263.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlOnly 2 left
    $$279.99$$264.99First Month FREE
    10' x 13'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$317.99$$302.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 19'Large UnitsOnly 2 left
    $$299.99$$279.99First Month FREE
    10' x 18'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$362.99$$342.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$368.99$$348.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 23'Large UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$360.99$$340.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParkingOnly 1 left
    $$127.99$$114.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Storage Mart

    Amber made the rental process easy! I highly recommend Storage Mart facilities


    Excellent service

    I had a great experience with Storagemart. They were friendly and went out of their way to be helpful -- even on a Sunday when they were closed!


    A great place

    I have had to use Storage Mart a second time for a short term rental. The staff at the Don mills location are some of thefriendliest I have come across. Pleaseant,attentive and polite. they are also familiar with the unit sizes and the whole location is always clean.


    Simply awesome

    User friendly staff.easy and quick registration. Flawless process on unit upgrade.


    Disappointing experience was handled very well in aftermath

    We had a situation in which communication issues caused a great deal of extra work for us however after this issue Storage Mart reacted in a very good way to make sure we were satisfied.



    This is my first time to rent with storage mart it's good the service and price is amazing


    Clean & Secure storage @ Don Mills-Eglinton StorageMart

    We needed short-term storage close to our home. The staff at the Don Mills & Eglinton location was helpful, polite and efficient. The unit was competitively priced, clean and secure. We would definitely rent from this location again.


    StorageMart Don Mills

    Very clean facilities and the staff are friendly and efficient. Only drawback is this location only has 1 cart and the tires are under inflated. Overall the experience is better than expected and the rates are very reasonable.


    My experience with Storage Mart was exceptional

    Very happy with the service received. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend this company to anyone


    An 'all round' excelent experience!

    Every aspect of my Storage Mart experience was positive. The online advertisment was easy to understand; a representative got back to me quickly with a response to my questions; the sales person at the location was extremely friendly, efficient and helpful; and the email follow up has been timely. No complaints!.


    Supportive and helpful staff made experience of move less painful

    I am fully satisfied with my experience at StorageMart mainly because it offered exactly what I needed for my move. A climate controlled, clean and accessible situation is what sold me on the company. However, the staff, especially the manager, Mei, are so pleasant and helpful it made everything that much easier. It is also priced right for my budget, so I am very happy with my decision to go with StorageMart.


    A great experience

    We've been storing our charity's donations at StorageMart for ages. The staff is nothing short of incredible and we've appreciated their help and support along the way.


    Everything I was looking for

    We are in the process of moving and I needed a place to store a number of items during this process. A friend recommended StorageMart, The process of renting a storage locker was very straightforward and the woman who helped me set it up was very professional and efficient. The space I rented is clean and dry with a good climate control system. I have appreciated the 24/7 access and my feeling is that the location is very secure. In total, StarageMart has delivered exactly what I was looking for.


    very good customer service and clean facility

    the facility is very very clean, easy to move things in and out. staff are great


    Exactly service

    My experience has been excellent. Staff is very helpful and always polite. Space is clean and well maintained. I would recommend to anyone needing a place for storage.


    Storage Mart Takes the Weight Off my Shoulders

    I've had to close a Fitness Studio and move all my Weights and Exercise Equipment out with short notice. I was fortunate to get a good sized locker at an excellent price at my local Storage Mart. Really happy about that as I now need to sell my equipment. Storage Mart makes it easy with 24 hour secure access to my stuff. I'm comfortable leaving my things stored there while I liquidate. The staff is very friendly too and them getting to know their customers helps with security and comfort with doing business here. I just wish I could post an advertisement somewhere at the facility advertising my stuff for sale. I'm sure another customer would be interested.


    Great service and convenience!

    The staff was very helpful and courteous. He showed me around and recommended the right storage for my needs. He provided me with useful information. The storage location is also very convenient.


    Awsome Service

    Whether your are dealing with Mei or Shamaz, you get a smile and a genuine desire from them to help you out. They are always friendly, extremely helpful and make our jobs of storing and retrieving things very easy. You can store your things anywhere in Toronto, so what separates this facility from those, is the staff. Compared to other storage facilities - this is by far the best!!


    Great experience.

    Storage Mart is easy to access and easy to work with. I signed up online to receive the discount and it was very smooth going when I got to the office to sign up for the first time. I had a great experience when working with the staff. She was very accommodating and found a unit that is closer the doors then the one assigned to me for ease of use and explained everything thoroughly.


    Secure, Clean and Friendly Staff in a great location!

    We use Storage Mart on Don Mills and Wynford location to store things as well as to park our 16 feet truck. Most of the renters there have become friends as we frequent the storage and most of the people have been renting for years. The staff is fantastic, friendly, and professional. The location is central and the security system is great. We highly recommend StorageMart for anyone needing to store things or rent a parking space for boats, trailers, etc

  9. 9 Syscon Road, Burlington
    3026 StorageMart Burlington Syscon
    990 Syscon Rd
    Burlington, ON L7L 5S2
    See all 26 reviews
    10' x 3'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$101.99$$89.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 8'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$132.99$$120.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsHeated
    $$150.99$$138.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 10'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$192.99$$180.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$224.99$$209.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$264.99$$249.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 25'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$338.99$$318.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Storage Mart is a clean and professional environment

    I have been a customer with Storage Mart for over 3 years and have also referred new clients. They have always provided a consultative approach to my needs and budget


    Friendly service but locker size should be accurate

    Great help in the phone and in person. But locker size of 20 feet deep is only accurate if your measure 3 feet out into the parking lot


    Local Staff are outstanding

    Alice is the best. She is so cheerul and thoughtful. This professional lady makes your Burlington location a good place to do self storage. The property is always clean and safe.


    worm welcome and easy logistic

    It was so easy to contact and finalize the storage contract. Staff was very friendly with worm welcome, helpful in finalizing the deal and explain the logistics which I find it easy to follow and controllable.


    good storage

    Very good,clean and well run place always recommend to people


    Updated: Local management moved quickly to correct the situation

    "Update - Alice, the site manager, called me within hours of my posting, apologizing for the lack of clear communication and immediately set about reversing my payment for the next month. While the original interactions were not smooth, StorageMart moved impressively quickly to correct the situation. Original Review (2 stars) Watch for the bait and switch; ""free month"" is not really a month Negatives: -Extremely disappointed that the ""free month"" is a calendar month; I signed up May 15th and got free rent until May 31st - that's pretty darn close to false advertising -No indication that the 10x10 unit I originally rented online could only be accessed indoors, down a looooooong hallway; had to upgrade to a 10x20 to get a unit with outside access - which is more expensive than other local options, but I was already on site with my stuff -Would prefer that fencing/barriers went all the way to the roof to prevent any movement between units Positives: -Facility is easy to access 24 hrs -Units are in good shape -Staff accommodated switch to new unit easily Recommendations: -if you want a unit with exterior access, make sure you specify when comparing rates -bring your own lock - very pricey to buy onsite"


    Alice was so very helpful!

    No concerns at all. Alice was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, even suggesting a size which I hadn't seen on the site. Unit was clean, as was the entire facility. Great prices too.


    Great storage

    Just moved my stuff in and so far have had a good experience with storage mart. I would recommend them.


    so far - so good

    Only been there for less than 2 months. Staff was very warm and welcoming. No winter parking is a bummer, but I'd go back once the spring returns. Not the cheapest parking in town, but not the most expensive either. Decent security and 24 hour pass code key less access.



    Wonderful, friendly staff. Competitive prices. Clean, easily accessible units.



    I had a very positive experience i found the staff very helpful and friendly the place was very clean and perfect controlled temperature i would recommend it anyone that is looking for a clean storage place,the prize was better then any other place that i phoned overall rating is a 10 OUT 10


    Simply the best !

    Burlington StorageMart is run by people who really truly care about customer satisfaction. Personable and friendly - Alice, Cheryl and Mas. The facility is kept impeccable. The security gate always works since I do come and go during off hours. You don't need to shop around to maybe save a few dollars when you can have this level of peace of mind for your stored goods. Mark, Master Diesel Inc.


    great service, but you should send invoices rather than rely on each customer's memory. Thanks!

    The unit is clean and spacious, and I was given access a day early. Thank you. I wish you had an automated way of sending out invoices rather than me having to remember to send a payment each month.


    Very nice facility

    I would definetely recommend going here very friendly helpful staff


    wonderful experience

    Staff is great, very helpful and knowledgeable. And the units are very spacious, the doors make it easier to stack high and fit more than usual. Good price. Strongly recommended.


    excellent customer service

    The customer service provided to me was exceptional!!!!!! Everyone is so helpful as this was my first time renting a storage unit. I highly recommend Storage Mart.


    Great choice for storage locker - very clean and secure.

    Staff at storage mart are very friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable with the facilities - they are bright and clean and well cared for and prices seemed very reasonable to me.


    Great rates! Friendly staff!

    Lucy and her husband are very friendly and provide excellent customer service. They were very accommodating on my urgent last minute request. The facility is very neat and clean. Thanks Lucy!


    Lock up all your troubles

    The people at Storage Mart are helpful and thoughtful. I was able to upgrade to a larger unit on the advise of my moving company with no problems. I was dealt with efficiently and with respect. I would recommend this company



    No problems moving in fast and easy reservation. No confusion.


    First time storage user

    The front office staff were excellent in explaining rules etc. of the storage compound. Found the entire place exceptionally clean both inside the storage areas as well as the yard. Would not hesitate to recommend to others.


    Best service!

    Great help, service and friendly staff!


    Great service and very clean units

    I was very pleased at how I was treated. Also when I opened the unit door it was spotless. Excellent!



    Fast, reliable and units are clean..


    twice now I have had to store things

    Both times a couple years apart I found them to be the easiest cleanest and cheapest storage around. On top of that they are close and friendly. I never what things in storage but if they got to be somewhere, this is a great place.


    Excellent Service at StorageMart...

    Just letting you know that you can expect helpful, kind people to greet you at Storage Mart on Syscon Rd. They showed us several options and guided us through the process of renting a unit with ease and expertise. Thanks again!

  10. 10 Armstrong Ave, Georgetown
    3027 StorageMart Georgetown Armstrong
    140 Armstrong Ave
    Georgetown, ON L7G 4S3
    See all 5 reviews
    5' x 10'Small UnitsPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$123.99$$111.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$268.99$$254.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 25'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$349.99$$329.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 30'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$505.99$$334.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Great service and Nancy was awesome

    We had a gap in our closing date at the new place and urgently needed a storage unit. Nancy was able to get us two lockers unit. The storage units were very clean and we had no issues. I will recommend this place for anyone looking for a clean place with great service.


    top notch service

    When customer service is failing in all sectors these days it was a pleasant surprise to come across a company that treats you like a valued customer. The moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile from a lovely lady named Nancy who walked me through every aspect of the in's and out's of storage short and long term. Definitely recommend this location and company.


    Excellent Service

    Nancy was excellent at determining our needs and making the perfect recommendation!


    Service was outstanding

    My wife and I sold our house recently and were homeless for 1 week. We needed to store our furniture for the time and worked with Nancy from your Georgetown location to get what we needed. She was extremely helpful and ensured we got what we needed, and kept us informed of other available units in case the large unit was not enough. Indeed, we did need another unit and Nancy found us one. She is a wonderful lady to deal with and I highly recommend Storage Mart. Carl


    There's room enough for all my stuff!!

    Staff was very pleasant. Storage area was very clean and easily accessible. Yes I would recommend you to my friends. Thank you.

  11. 11 Keele Street, Maple
    3028 StorageMart Maple Keele
    10345 Keele St
    Maple, ON L6A 3Y9
    See all 17 reviews
    3' x 5'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$112.99$$100.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    4' x 6'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$111.99$$99.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 5'Small UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$118.99$$106.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 6'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$159.99$$147.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$225.99$$210.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$358.99$$343.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 16'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$349.99$$329.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    9' x 25'Large UnitsPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$367.99$$347.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    10 stars

    The best place To Storage .The best management on the office of Keele and Mackenzie .


    Great service with very reasonable price.

    Excellent service, safe and you get what you want.


    Very helpful

    Thanks for helping us out when we needed it. You were very helpful.


    Great Service and Great price

    I was very happy with the StorageMart. It's close to my house, I got an amazing price, fast service, good follow up, easy access to my storage. Thank you.


    Awesome Service

    Thank you for your support. The 283 Woodbridge Legion Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron appreciate all that you do for them. Thank you Teresa and Mary.


    Just awesome!!!

    Clean and safe place. Excellent staff


    So,far,so good.

    Move in was easy



    Right from the start the people at StorageMart were very friendly and informative. I would say after searching for a while that the price was very reasonable for the unit we chose. Overall I would recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim


    Exellent service...great staff

    recommend with no reservation...


    Good reliable service.

    They were very helpful ! Teresa was great to deal with , she took a lot of time helping find the most suitable unit.



    Not bad. I'm happy. A little cheaper on the pocket would have been better. Over all, good facility.


    Outstanding Customer Service!

    We rented a storage unit at the Maple location. It was a very easy process right from the start. She explained everything in detail from the cost to how to enter the unit. I would recommend StorageMart to anyone!


    I love StorageMart

    I love StorageMart because of service and convenience


    Very good service

    Friendly and helpful.. Very clean facility.


    Clean units; A+ Service

    I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the entire facility. The staff was very accommodating, helpful & friendly. Would definitely recommend to friends, or anyone!


    Clean, Trustworthy, and Friendly !!

    From the moment we walked in, to the clean unit we trusted our belongings in, I am totally impressed and reasured all is safe and sound !!


    Great service, very helpful

    I have just rented a unit from Storage Mart. The office manager was most helpful in giving me information, both on the phone and in person. Their facility is new, clean and accessible.

  12. 12 Nipissing Road, Milton
    3029 StorageMart Milton Nipissing
    867 Nipissing Rd
    Milton, ON L9T 4Z4
    See all 8 reviews
    5' x 10'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$112.99$$100.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    25' x 45'X-Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$991.99$$966.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Great place, service, but rates are pretty high

    I had an excellent experience getting set up and I would generally recommend this storage facility. However I do feel the rates are higher than they should be. The advantage is there is 24/7 access but if your not accessing or regularly I feel there should be a discount involved. IMHO


    New in the Game of Storage

    Just about to have my 1st whole month with my things in storage. With great staff like Maya at the Milton location I doubt we wouldnt have even chose you. Helpful good at custmer service made you an easy choice!. Keep up the friendly and knowledgeable staff!


    Good customer service

    Quick and convenient.


    Love it

    The service is grate the storages are clean and Secure 6* ;)


    Easy, Friendly, Affordable.

    Milton Ontario has numerous storage facilities, most did not answer their phone or great back to me. Storage Mart answered right away. The cusomer service rep, Diana, was great and when she realized I was having trouble understanding something (I was very tired that day) she immediately started again from the beginning and made sure I got it, outlining and doing a complete cost breakdown for me. It's not temperature controlled so I wouldn't put extreme breakable or food in there, but they do state that on the website in the description of the units. She was able to get me a slightly cheaper interior unit... meaning i have to walk through a door then to my unit, but for the extra savings I don't mind. Maya was great at the front desk in Milton. She showed me around to the unit and got me settled up quickly despite the cold and wind. I'm not pleased at being bugged to do a review though and I am unsure why this is needed. Otherwise great experience.


    Very friendly and helpful place was very clean help when light was burned out with a ladder thxs

    Very nice and warm place to go clean place washroom was very nice very happy


    Talk About Smooth and Easy!!!!!!

    Several weeks ago I contacted Storage Mart as I was in the need for a storage space quickly and at the best possible price. By the time that one call was done, I has a space which exceeded my initial expectations at the best price in the area........took all of 10 minutes. Further, the rental terms are REALLY customer long term lease or commitment. The very next day I was loading my locker. I am DELIGHTED> Check them out first. BTW....their staff are very friendly.


    Great Price and Location

    Customer service was awesome and very helpful. Location is very convenient and the price was perfect for what I was looking for.

  13. 13 Westney Road S, Ajax
    3032 StorageMart Ajax Westney 1
    3032 StorageMart Ajax Westney 2
    85 Westney Rd S
    Ajax, ON L1S 2C9
    See all 29 reviews
    4' x 5'Small UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$90.99$$78.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsHeated
    $$244.99$$229.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsHeatedOnly 1 left
    $$314.99$$299.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$322.99$$302.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsHeatedOnly 2 left
    $$369.99$$349.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    20' x 10'Large UnitsHeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$404.99$$384.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Super service

    Very accommodating and fast service.


    Great people always helpful

    Great service


    Best ever!

    Great welcoming people, very helpful. I will only go back to storage mart. Thanks guys!


    Customer Service

    Storage Mart extended their excellent customer service towards my visit and order.


    Very clean and brightly lit storage Mart.

    Helpful staff and super clean establishment. Very safe feeling when alone on premises. Thanks StorageMart. Brian Belgrave.



    Love storage Mart 5he people in the front office a a great friendly bunch that helped us get set up and into our locker


    Excellent service

    During my parents' recent move to Canada, we ended up using the Storage Mart in Ajax. The customer service representative there, Kody, is really what made our experience an excellent one. At the time, my parents needed extra help in coordinating their move, as they were expecting their furniture through a shipping line company. Kody went above and beyond to help coordinate the move, even though that was outside his area of responsibility. Now, two years later, I bumped into Kody at the Storage Mart in Oshawa. He was his usual helpful self, and I am grateful that I met him once again, as I was looking for a place to store my furniture in the Durham region. As soon as I spoke to him, I knew that I wouldn't consider another company because I felt that I was in competent hands. Kody later helped coordinate a transfer to a larger storage bin through my movers to ensure that I wouldn't be left short on the day of my move. Again, I knew could depend on Kody to go above and beyond. It's such a relief to have so much support during an otherwise stressful time.



    I found the staff at StorageMart extremely helpful in determining what size of storage I needed. Please keep up the excellent work!!


    An extremely good facility with excellent management.

    The Ajax Storage Mart has an extremely convenient location - just off the 401 - and well-maintained and secure storage units. We found the manager extremely helpful and informative, and have had an excellent experience.


    Convenient, clean storage facility

    I booked my storage locker on line and was then contacted immediately by the facility to get all the paper-work processed. Office personnel were friendly and helpful. The storage facility is secure, clean, bright and easily accessible. Prices were reasonable.



    The The staff at storage mart in Ajax are wonderful, caring and efficient.


    best service ever

    "You guys are the "" BEST'' Most importantly you guys are a non complicated service. Easy steps, no muss no fuss..5 star..I told everyone about you.."


    very good

    Very good service.


    fast friendly service. very clean

    Could use some salt in icy spots


    awesome people at an awesome place.

    They are very nice people working at rhe ajax location. Always eager to help you when you need it and quick to answer any questions You have..I tell all my friends about this location all the time


    The reception was great. you were acknowledged with eye contact and a smile.

    I have told friends of your clean storage facilities and the reception I received.


    Great staff! Clean space!!

    The staff are amazing!! Always friendly, always helpful! The facilities are clean and a great deal for the location being so close to the 401!


    Great service.

    Fast courteous employees and great service.


    Better than expected.

    Eveything was smooth. What was promised was what I rec'd. thanks Cody.


    Friendly and fast service!

    My StorageMart experience was great. Very friendly staff and quick service.


    WOW safe and sound

    You know I had to move I was so freaked out moving to a small place from my big house I didnt know where to put all my stuff. I looked in the yellow pages and a huge add stood out Storage Mart. I called them and the staff was so friendly if I would have to help anyone else or you needed help I suggest you use them. They definitely took a big burden of moving off of my shoulders.


    Everything went smooth

    We had no problems and the place is clean.


    storagemart really cares

    a very positive experience on a very stressful day


    Outstanding service!

    "I phoned to inquire if I can rent a storage space on a daily basis. A customer service rep named Faith responded, ""Yes you can"". She said something like a special promotion, which resulted in savings of about $240 on my part. She offered me to rent a storage unit on a monthly basis instead with 99% discount on the first month, and regular monthly rate to be applied in subsequent months. And I can check out anytime before the first month ends. I accepted the offer. When I went to the storage office, the staff there processed my papers in no time at all. They were courteous. They explained everything to me and They listened to me emphatically. The unit like what Faith provided to me over the phone was there waiting for me. We sure can have faith in Faith and the storage's staff. Kudos to all of you!"


    Exceptionally friendly service : )

    StorageMart staff are professional friendly people that assist you in meeting your needs.


    great people very helpful

    good promo for 1st month


    quick and easy

    i needed a storage unit within 24 hours and storage mart made sure i got one and they also made sure i had the best rate in the city. Some storage units can sure get pricey.


    Easy peasy

    Great & simple storage solution


    I've used Storage Mart for 4 years and have had good experiences everytime.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Storage Mart as a safe, reliable place to secure my belongings. Pleasure to deal with!

  14. 14 Alliance Road, Pickering
    3033 StorageMart Pickering Alliance
    1700 Alliance Rd
    Pickering, ON L1W 3X2
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    5' x 5' x 4'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationLockerOnly 1 left
    $$53.99$$41.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 5'Small UnitsPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$94.99$$82.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Small UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$154.99$$142.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 10'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$191.99$$179.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    8' x 10'Small UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$207.99$$195.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium Units
    $$210.99$$195.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 10'Medium UnitsClimate ControlPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$278.99$$263.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 12'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$270.99$$255.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'Medium UnitsDrive-UpOnly 1 left
    $$287.99$$272.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 20'Large UnitsDrive-UpOnly 2 left
    $$329.99$$309.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParking
    $$107.99$$94.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Wonderful Customer Service

    I found the woman who helped me to get a unit was full of information and helped me to choose the right unit for me. She was cheerful and very respectful.


    New to Storage Mart

    The building and grounds are clean and tidy. My storage space is available to me 24/7. For my limited experience I give 4 stars. I am happy to recommend this location.


    Excellent Customer Service Experience, mediocre value for your dollar

    The customer experience is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was a little surprised how little space you get for your money, and the promotions were not applicable to the ideal space for me, but I guess thats the storage business.



    A very good experience


    User friendly

    I am pleased with this company , location is clean and accessible also staff are informative and helpful.



    Although I haven't been there long, StorageMart has the right size I need at LESS than 1/3 the rate I was paying!


    Good Service

    Prompt service when ordered room online. Too small a unit once I arrived but upgraded too larger space without any trouble. Instructions and check in was quick. Small problem with monthly billing was corrected as soon as I asked. Friendly and courteous service. Would recommend to anyone needing space for storage or parking.


    Best Storage Facility

    The StorageMart units are in a well maintained grounds. You can have access to them 24/7 with a security code unlike some other facilities which have set times. They are also less expensive and in some cases much less expensive than competitors. I would recommend them highly.


    Great deal great service... Will rent from again n again!!!

    The 24 hour access is very accommodating . Great place to do business n storage.


    Trusty Storage

    I have rented from storage mart and would not go elsewhere. Excellent customer service and they make sure they do their best to accommodate your storage needs.



    I needed I storage unit and I was provided all the help and convenience to store my belongings. Very helpful.


    Very friendly and professional

    I had to rent a storage locker because I was moving. They were very easy to find, friendly and helpful.


    Storagemart is a friendly, clean, safe facility I would highly recommended to anyone.

    I called, spoke to customer service, who transferred me to the manager of the location I was interested in. She was able to answer all my questions, by time I hung up I was happy and was at peace of mind in finding the storage to my satisfaction. I went 24hours later to pay for my hold storage unite. The transaction went smooth and quickly. Also, I was give the first month 99% off the cost of the unite. So yes I would highly recommend storeagemart any day. :))


    Great ,clean place,and helpful management.

    Gee, I know of a great area where you can store your personal effects with security not impeding your brain. Thay are very helpful for your items to be stored at this location. Its clean and safe. Cool in winter and cooler in summer if you have inside storage. Outside is monitored with safety cameras,or video recorders.otherwise its great.


    Excellent rental experience

    When searching for a storage locker online, StorageMart was the only company that listed their prices and allowed for online booking. When I arrived on moving day, the locker was ready with no surprises. The staff was very pleasant , the locker was clean and accessible, and the site seemed to be very well secured


    Good service

    Speedy check in


    My experience with Storage Mart has been very good.

    People were pleasant. My only issue is the space to drive around is very tight. The truck we had got stuck.

  15. 15 Farewell Street S, Oshawa
    3034 StorageMart Oshawa Farewell
    996 Farewell St
    Oshawa, ON L1H 6N6
    See all 10 reviews
    5' x 10'Small UnitsPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $$132.99$$120.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store

    Happy customer

    The man who runs the Oshawa location is funny and friendly. He is a fast worker and made it very easy to get my unit fast. He keeps an eye out for the units and I very happy with the service I have received.



    It was a pleasure renting a storage unit. I researched the company on-line and this was a great experience. They were extremely polite and full of great advise. I then went to the location in Oshawa and again it they were very professional and efficient.


    Glad I went to storage mart

    Good service friendly manager,


    Good service, clean storage area individual storage areas under great management who offers friendly timely service

    when I first called to inquire about storage areas I wasn't positive I would be happy with the service however once meeting the manager I was sure I had chosen the right storage area. # Service1manager was very helpful and personable and I have not had any difficult wouldhe was very personable, very helpful and they provide a clean storage area. Thank you.



    Was a great experience for me


    Easy accessible storage 24 hours a day.

    Friendly office manager, very experienced on his job.


    Good experience so far

    Too early to comment further


    The gentleman we dealt with in the office was very friendly, and easy to talk to.

    "Hi, I just wanted to say that Storage Mart is a great place to rent a storage unit if you need one. I will continue to be a customer there because I appreciate the way they deal with me there. The guy I dealt with in the office was very nice,.. and real with me. I hate the fake kind of ""nice."" His was sincere. :)"


    no fuss no muss!

    The guy was quick and kind and explained all the paper work clearly .we loaded the little room and did the paper work in less than a half-hour.Done!


    A wonderful welcome from Friendly Frank!

    Great place, the staff are welcoming and very helpful. The rates are very reasonable. And with a twenty four hour availability, and easy access to your storage unit. Convenient for moving, as they supply boxes and other packing materials on site, and for less than what you would pay at Uhaul or Staples.

  16. 16 Keele St, Concord
    9000 Keele St
    Concord, ON L4K 0B3
    6' x 7'Small UnitsClimate ControlOnly 1 left
    $$116.99$$104.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    18' FtParking
    $$107.99$$94.99Limited Availability. Reserve Today!
    See all available units at this store
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